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A series of September's price hikes did not get a good response from consumers, so we value relative positions.
With the introduction of hundreds of new cloud services and features, organizations around the world are increasingly using OCI to drive mission-critical workloads to the cloud.
We're a bit worried that we won't be able to find enough people. We really need great talent to come here from all over Europe.
GM has changed the world before and we are doing it again
Your record is of grave concern to me. You have taken action to make our banking system less secure and that makes you a dangerous man to lead the Fed.
Stocks typically struggle to cope with a sharp rise in interest rates triggered by real rates.
We have the expertise and infrastructure to play a leading role in delivering booster vaccinations to a suitable population.
We strongly believe that it is better for parents to be able to give their children access to a version of Instagram designed for them where parents can control and monitor their experience than to rely on the app's ability to verify the ages of children. who are too young to have an ID.
We will be imposing some restrictions on our core products, including bath dishes, roll towels, Kirkland allspice and cleaning disruptions due to increased delta demand.
Increasingly customers are choosing digital and we are well positioned to achieve our target of 40% digital sales by fiscal 2025.

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Facebook notes declining interest among young people and teenagers in the social network
25 October

Interest in social media declines Young people and teenagers are spending less time on Facebook, checking in later and creating posts less frequently, which could have a negative impact on the company's profits. This was reported by Bloomberg on Mon

US companies believe buyers will continue to pay higher prices
25 October
Price increases in shops Some of the world's leading companies are betting that consumers will continue to pay more for products like coffee or toilet paper. Major companies such as Procter Gamble, Nestle and Verizon Communications plan to increase
Reporting week: Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft
25 October
Schedule for the week This week the stock markets will be awaiting a slew of reports from major US companies. Investors should pay attention to reports from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook as they will aff
Intel shares fall 8.8% after sales report
22 October
Company earnings and forecasts Intel (INTC) reported Q3 2021 earnings per share above market analysts' forecasts, but revenue was below estimates. Intel gave forecasts for the current and 2022 fiscal years. Intel's CFO
Nvidia and AMD shares rise as Nvidia launches cloud gaming service on AMD chips
22 October
Nvidia shares after cloud gaming launch Nvidia (NVDA) on Thursday announced the launch of its GeForce NOW RTX 3080 cloud service for streaming high-resolution, ultra-low latency video games by using
Facebook, Twitter and Google shares fall after Snap's report
22 October
Shares fall Snap (SNAP) shares fell 21% amid a report of Q3 2021 earnings below market analysts' forecasts. The company cited the stronger negative impact of Apple's privacy rule updates, as well as the impact on advertising of global
Pinterest shares up 13%
22 October
PayPal could buy Pinterest Shares of Pinterest (PINS) rose 12.8% on news of its potential acquisition by PayPal (PINS). Shares of PayPal fell nearly 5 percent Wednesday. Market analysts were divided on th

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11 October
In Ukraine aeronautics is a developing industry that emerged at the national level about 20 years ago. Popularization of the festival movement was the beginning of rapid development of aeronautics in the country. One of the most famous balloon festiv
22 September
Many newcomers to strength training are familiar with the situation when persistent training does not bring visible results. It seems that a person works hard, is not lazy, performs exercises as correctly as possible, and a decent amount of time has
16 September
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York September 13 released the inaugural issue of "Fed & Main," a newsletter about the ongoing work of its Community Development team in three new focus areas: the economic drivers of health, household financial we
26 August
Constellation Brands, Inc. (NYSE: STZ and STZ.B), a leading beverage alcohol company, announced today that Garth Hankinson, chief financial officer, will present virtually at the 2021 Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference on Wednesday, Septembe
14 August
Aetna, a CVS Health company (NYSE: CVS), announced an innovative health care solution, Aetna Virtual Primary Care, that reimagines the primary care experience and makes it easier for people to get the health services they need, anytime, anywhere. "T
13 August
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today released an interpretive rule to assist the mortgage industry in determining whether to treat June 19, 2021, as a federal holiday or a business day for purposes of compliance with certain time-sen

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MUSK Elon Reeve
CEO of Tesla
46th President of the United States
6th Chair of the Federal Reserve
Chairman of Unined States Securities and Exchange Commission
TRUMP Donald
45th President of the United States
Chairman of Federal Reserve Board
Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Facebook
Senior United States senator from New York
CUOMO Andrew Mark
Governor of New York
Chairman and CEO
SON Masayoshi
Businessman and Co-founder of the Microsoft

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CLINTON Hillary Diane Rodham
67th United States Secretary of State
Businessman and Co-founder of the Microsoft
Peru's Minister of Health
WOOD Catherine
Chief Executive Officer of Ark Invest
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