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At least half a billion to 1 billion people. One billion people would be ideal
Cardinal Health was a compelling potential partner: Its leaders think big and want to innovate. It was clear from our first conversations that they wanted to build a truly revolutionary cognitive supply chain.
FourKites’ technology is getting more precise all the time. The healthcare industry needs and deserves to have the highest-level of precision that exists. It means our supply chain moves more quickly, resulting in better outcomes for the patient.
This format doesn't work for those who are looking forward. It's not conducive to spontaneous idea generation. It's not conducive to corporate culture
We are thrilled to be collaborating with FedEx Office to bring this platform to life and support businesses in elevating their market presence. This effort comes at a time when organizations are seeking new ways to remain visible and extend their reach as they continue to recover in an uncertain environment.
As our own stockpile of vaccines grows, to a level capable of meeting our needs, we will become an arsenal of vaccines for other countries, just as America was an arsenal of democracy in World War II
We are very pleased with the continued development of Google Cloud
This deal will not only allow Lyft to focus on developing our leading autonomous platform and transport network, but also, the partnership will help reduce the timing of our profitability
Convenience is important for all New York City residents. Now you can just show up and get the vaccine
Sabre is the most recent in a series of investments by Blackstone Energy Partners in critical energy infrastructure and essential services needed to help deliver cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy, and an example of Blackstone’s ongoing commitment to invest in the entrepreneurs and businesses who will help lead America’s energy transition.

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Palantir reports revenue growth of 49%
11 May

Palantir's earnings growth Palantir shares fell amid a correction in the stock market despite the company reporting strong revenue growth in the first quarter, exceeding Wall Street forecasts. Palantir's earnings growth is forecast to slow in the se

PayPal wants to become a "super app"
11 May
PayPal is "super app" PayPal is preparing to introduce a number of new features in the third quarter as its management sees the company's future in the concept of a "super-app" with capabilities that go far beyond the payment function alone. PayPal
Americans' expectations for year-ahead inflation rose to 3.4% in April
11 May
US inflation Recent surveys have shown that Americans are bracing for the highest inflation rate since 2013, according to the New York Fed. Rising prices could slow the pace of the US economic recovery. Concerns about rising inflation in the US int
Tesla will pay a fine of $750,000
9 May
$750,000 fine Tesla will pay a fine of $750,000 and is undertaking a small-scale distributed energy project based on its own solar roofs, to resolve air quality violations at its plant in Fremont, California. It is worth noting that a spokesperson
Dow Jones index up 0.93%
7 May
Dow Jones index hits record high The Dow Jones on Thursday hit a new record at the close of stock trading for the second day in a row on the back of positive momentum in the US economic recovery. The Dow Jones rose 318.19 points (0.93 per cent) to
Moderna shares down 10%
7 May
Shares plummet Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) shares tumbled more than 10% at the opening of trading in New York on Thursday on the back of the Biden administration's decision to support a COVID-19 vaccine intellectual
Uber's record losses in the first quarter
6 May
Business growth at risk Uber has reported record-low losses for the first quarter of 2021, thanks to the sale of its unmanned car division. However, Uber shares have fallen as investors see headwinds to profitability this year. Uber (UBER) shares f

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8 May
May 7, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, in coordination with the White House American Rescue Plan Implementation Team and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, announced the allocation of an additional $21.6 billion under the Amer
8 May
The pharmaceutical supply chain is a complex network that connects drug manufacturers to distributors to drug wholesalers and pharmacists, and, finally, to patients. Multiple modes of transportation move pharmaceuticals from one link in the chai
30 April
FedEx Office, a world-class provider of convenient, state-of-the-art printing, packing and shipping services and subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), and Vericast, a leading marketing solutions company, together with its line of Harland C
20 April
AIG Retirement Services, a leading provider of retirement plans for tax-exempt employers and public sector employers, on March 30 announced the launch of its enhanced mobile enrollment experience, providing convenience and simplicity for employees as
14 April
On April 13, 2021, Blackstone (NYSE: BX) announced that Blackstone-affiliated private equity funds have agreed to acquire Saber Industries, Inc. ("Saber") from the Jordan Company. The Saber acquisition continues Blackstone Energy Partners' focus on i
6 April
After a successful inaugural Partnerships Lab program, the Central Park Conservancy Institute for Urban Parks is pleased to announce the eight urban park organizations selected for the 2021 cohort. These organizations were carefully chosen following

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46th President of the United States
MUSK Elon Reeve
CEO of Tesla
TRUMP Donald
45th President of the United States
POWELL Jerome Hayden (Jay)
6th Chair of the Federal Reserve
CUOMO Andrew Mark
Governor of New York
Bill de BLASIO
Mayor of New York City
Industrialist, media proprietor, and investor
Chairman of Federal Reserve Board
Jack Ma
Co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group
GU Brian
Vice chairman of XPeng
Businessman and the chief executive officer of Uber
BALE Christian

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BREN Donald
Chairman of Irvine Company
PALMER Geoffrey
Chief Executive Officer
Chief economist of Rosenberg Research
Billionaire businessman
Program scientist of NASA
United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Today, Lion will not only have to win back its place in the sun, but also try to keep it. The main task for the day is to preserve everything that you have already been able to achieve. The decisive factor in this will be your att ... Read more »
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The ability Libra to rationally distribute things and plan them will prevent possible troubles. All travel, business and work travel is not good for you today. Representatives of this sign, engaged in social activities, legal or m ... Read more »
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