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Trump's company sues New York authorities for reneging on contract
22 June 2021
Lawsuit against New York authorities The Trump Organization, a US company owned by former US President Donald Trump, has filed a lawsuit against the New York City authorities for reneging on a golf course maintenance contract following the January i
Nvidia bid Chinese regulator to buy Arm for $40bn
8 June 2021
Takeover bid Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) has filed an application with Chinese antitrust authorities to review a $40 billion takeover of UK chip developer Arm, currently owned by Japanese tech giant SoftBan
Debris from SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket fell on a farm in Washington
3 April 2021
Falcon 9 debris A fragment of one of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket stages fell on a farm in Washington state last week, according to the local sheriff's office on Friday. The farm owner, who does not want his name
Court ordered Uber to pay over a million dollars to a blind woman
3 April 2021
1 million dollars compensation Uber is to pay more than $1 million in compensation to a blind woman in California who was refused a ride by drivers on 14 separate occasions. Lisa Irving sued the company in 2018&nb
Hundreds of COVID-19 cases detected at Tesla plant in the US
15 March 2021
COVID-19 at Tesla factory Musk restarted operations near San Francisco last May, despite a quarantine imposed by state authorities. He was supported by former President Trump. After that, a COVID-19 
New satellites from SpaceX
5 March 2021
This year the SpaceX company is carrying out the fifth launch of LEO satellites for the Starlink fast wireless Internet network. 60 new units were launched from the already operating 1000 units in orbit. According to the company, to cover the entire
Trump called Twitter boring and refused to return to the social networking site
21 February 2021
Donald Trump will not return to Twitter Former US President Donald Trump has no intention of returning to the social network Twitter as it is "no longer the same". The former head of state said this on Newsmax TV. Donald Trump s
Gina Carano will make her own film
14 February 2021
Gina Carano's own film Gina Carano, star of The Mandalorian, whose contract was terminated by Lucasfilm due to her social media posts, has announced that she is developing a new film to be
Thousands of Elon Musk's flamethrowers seized and owners heavily fined
24 January 2021
Elon Musk's toy Elon Musk's flamethrower was released in a limited edition in 2018. As it turned out, owning such a dangerous device could be classed as a crime: it managed to have a bad effect on the fate of many people who bought it. When the fir
Vandals vandalised houses of Democratic and Republican leaders in the U.S.
3 January 2021
Tainted homes of Democrat leaders In the US, vandals attacked the homes of Democratic and Republican leaders in the US Congress. The attackers actions were a response to another failed attempt by US lawmakers to agree on economic stimulus measures
Hackers have gained access to the source code of several Microsoft programmes
1 January 2021
Hacker attack They were able to infiltrate the IT giant's internal networks by hacking into its supplier, SolarWinds. Microsoft stressed that no customer data had fallen into the hands of the hackers, nor
The return of Salvator Mundi
30 December 2021
In 2022, the musical performance Salvator Mundi will be released on Broadway in New York, dedicated to the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci, the icon of the Savior, as well as the story of the loss of the painting and its happy found in our century
New York has introduced a fine for vaccine fraud of up to a million dollars
29 December 2021
Fines for vaccine fraud Authorities in the US state of New York will levy a fine of up to one million dollars for fraud related to coronavirus vaccines. This was announced by Governor Andre
Greatest donation in 133 years
16 December 2020
20 million was donatived to Mile High United Way by Mackenzie Scott. This is the greatest individual voluntary endowment of a single amount to a single non-profit organization to date. Scott's contribution is variable and will be spent as part of th
NASA has defined the scientific goals of the expedition
10 December 2020
Artemis program The American Aerospace Agency (NASA) is finally concerned about the scientific tasks that the members of the Artemis mission will perform on the Moon. On the eve of the mission, NASA published
The "make Amazon pay" movement is gaining momentum around the world
5 December 2020
Make Amazon Pay The global campaign "Make Amazon Pay", an initiative of a coalition of more than 50 organisations, was launched on Black Friday and includes such requirements of the e-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) as improved working condition
U.S. Department of Labor Report
4 December 2020
Report from the U.S. Department of Labor The number of new jobless people in the US for the week ending 28 November was significantly lower than economists predicted. The total number of Americans receiving unemplo
United Airlines delivers the vaccine worldwide
29 November 2020
Delivery of vaccine United Airlines (UAIR) has launched charter flights in which the company delivers COVID-19 vaccine to special warehouses located around the world. This is in order to ensure that
New giants in the cryptocurrency market
27 November 2020
Square and PayPal can become the new giants in the cryptocurrency market, supporting the demand for bitcoins, opening up trading opportunities for a great many people. According to our analysis, most of the new bitcoins entering the market every day
Americans are not going to stay home for Thanksgiving
25 November 2020
Americans do not hear the authorities The authorities called on Americans to stay home on Thanksgiving weekends and to cancel traditional holiday travel around the country. These recommendations are due to record hospital admissions across America p
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