22 June - 22 July

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign Cancer

Cancers are by no means balanced and calm people, as they want to appear, preferring not to show their real character. Nevertheless, they will not be able to deceive anyone, because their experiences have great power that cannot be hidden under a large and thick shell.

Cancers are not too impulsive, they often change their mood. Representatives of this sign get angry and offended for no particular reason, and then calm down, instantly forgetting about what happened. When communicating with Cancer, one should not forget that his behavior directly depends on the phases of the moon and can only change in accordance with them.

Cancer Sign

Cancers go directly to their goal and make decisions very quickly. Before making the final throw, they consider all possible ways of developing the situation and options for retreating.

Cancers love to save money. They are realists who do not like to take risks. Even if they are firmly convinced of future success, they will invest less in it than they could. In this way, they prevent the financial ruin that worries them more than anything else.

Cancers have a vengeful nature and are often vindictive, but nevertheless, being careful, they never enter into open confrontation. Actions that do not paint Cancers are done by them on the sly, and they themselves hope that their involvement will never become known. For this reason, people belonging to this sign have practically no real enemies.

Cancers don't have time to hate those who hate them because they are too busy loving those who love them

Cancers are sensitive personalities - any unkind word can bring them to a depressive state. At the same time, they have a strong internal energy that is able to overcome a depressed state and transmit it to others. But you should not assume that Cancer is a melancholic suffering from the fact that the world is imperfect. In truth, he is naturally endowed with a great sense of humor.

The life of the average Cancer is a series of ups and downs, but even if the circumstances are favorable, they are better off retreating and going into a lull to rest. Their advantage is not pressure, but cunning, not an aggressive offensive, but attrition.

Cancer is disinterested and noble, but rarely shows these qualities, therefore, in the eyes of the people around him, it looks like a narcissistic egoist. Cancer always has a high opinion of his own person, so he feels at ease in the center of attention. Cancer likes to be honored and glorified, nevertheless, he takes this fact for granted, and always prefers financial and other benefits to this.

Cancers never take to heart the criticism that sounded from the lips of a person who himself could not achieve anything in this life

The family life of this sign is quiet and calm, and not bright and secular. Cancer is generous to loved ones, but stingy for strangers. This is not only in terms of money, but also in the manifestation of feelings.

The male representatives of this sign are distinguished by the desire for hoarding. They are trying with all their might to get comfort in the world around them, at the same time providing themselves and their families for a rainy day. At first glance, such people may seem somewhat stingy, but this is due to the most rational approach to expenses, preferring investments for a long time. Cancer man does not waste himself on trifles, rarely spends his entire strength, but still achieves his goal.

Cancer women can seem balanced and soft, their mood fully depends on the faces of those around them. People of this sign always need the approval of their friends and the support of loved ones. The fair sex is always faithful wives and the best mothers, and female friendship for them is not the last thing.

Cancer Man

Cancer sign element

Cancers belong to the water element. Their water is often stagnant and calm. Representatives of the sign try to stay away from the seething streams, preferring a slow but confident movement along the bottom of the reservoir. They are always worried about their safety and security, and therefore use the water column as another barrier that prevents a meeting with empty unrest.

People of Water, and especially Cancers, are endowed with the ability to capture insignificant, but at the same time, interesting little things, sometimes giving them excessive importance, thereby limiting their freedom.

Crayfish prefer to be in a lake, rather than in a turbulent river. They are not afraid of monotony. They seek to study the situation in depth, clearly realizing that rapid implementation can ultimately become dangerous. It is for this reason that Cancers are in no hurry to live, carefully mastering everything and understanding the little things.

Career in the life of Cancer and the profession of this sign

Most Cancers have a scientific mindset. They enjoy the fact that they compare facts and study different areas and directions, deduce patterns and analyze phenomena. Most Cancers love history. Being adherents of antiquity, they become competent experts in antiques, and when evaluating things, they rely solely on facts, and not on the aesthetics of things.

Cancers have a highly developed imagination, but the whims inherent in the creative nature are not alien to them. Representatives of the sign know how to keep secrets and inspire confidence in people, so they make excellent psychologists, lawyers, attorneys and psychotherapists.

Cancers have an excellent memory, so when Cancers say “I don’t remember” they just don’t want to talk about it

Cancers are subject to passion, but luck never accompanies them. They make excellent businessmen rather than players. In addition, Cancers are responsible for their responsibilities at work. They perform any business scrupulously and conscientiously. It is for this reason that they are respected and appreciated, regardless of their position.

Cancers love to work on the ground. Among the people of the sign, good gardeners come out, as well as thrifty farmers. It should be added that Cancers take food very seriously and become better cooks if they overcome the instinct of spending food that has not been eaten in the previous days.

Cancer Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

The nature of Cancers is changeable throughout the entire life cycle, therefore, a successful marriage for them will be if they enter into it in middle age. A union registered in youth is likely to disintegrate. A certain number of Cancers intuitively understand this, at a young age they behave extremely windy, however, entering into a relationship, they become exemplary parents and family men.

In the family and outside of it, Cancers are in most cases completely different people. Cancer does not bestow on anyone as much warmth as it gets from him to his loved ones, but in return it demands from them as much as he gave - no more, no less.

Cancer men sometimes present their beloved with unpleasant surprises in the form of causeless resentment, and they themselves often say things that can strike a blow at the pride of a close woman. Fortunately, life lessons for them are not in vain. They do not stop learning from their own experience, so a union full of conflict situations at the very beginning of its development can result in a novel filled with harmony.

As marmalade has many nuances of cooking, so the Cancer woman requires an individual approach, and if handled ineptly is completely inedible

Cancer women are full of romanticism, but they often frighten men with their suspicions, which border on intimidation. Basically, they make their own choice of a partner and try not to let go of him, even if he resists. During a short affair, the representative of this sign carefully examines the partner, as if she will live with him for at least twenty more years. And if she decided to get married, then even the tax inspector cannot compare with her. Having entered into a legal marriage, the Cancer woman scrupulously keeps the home, takes care of loved ones and carefully worries about their happiness and health.

Harmonious and interesting relationships await Cancers with Aquarius and Pisces, where they will occupy only a dominant position.

A union filled with mutual pleasure will be with Taurus, since the value system of this sign is similar to their own. Cancer will not be able to get along with Virgo, apparently because it will not be able to assess the high aspirations of its second half.

In the union of two Cancers, pleasure will be completely absent, and therefore they will regularly start romances on the side. Libra will be able to decorate the everyday life of Cancer.

One of the main problems of Cancers is that they are very strongly attached to people...

Cancers are liked by members of the opposite sex from an early age, and all because of their daydreaming, romanticism and predisposition to romance. Cancer, perhaps, will not be able to get carried away by the first comers, but it will melt like chocolate in the sun, feeling increased attention to its person.

In terms of sexuality, Cancers are more diligent students than virtuoso mentors. They have a strong temperament from birth, however, the fear of disappointing their partner never leaves. Being in a state of love, they show painful self-doubt, covering it with deceptive coldness.

Rakov helps out in love affairs with an excellent sense of humor, which allows him to laugh at the awkward situation that has arisen. When the case is faced with serious disappointment, he begins to really suffer and is ready to take risky actions, which he later regrets.

Love in the life of Cancer sign

Cancer is extremely careful in terms of love affairs, he always remembers that you need to protect your partner and yourself. For this reason, hobbies full of romance are detrimental to his mental health. The most cynical of Cancers very quickly change their chosen ones and are disappointed in love, trying with all their might to keep their reputation unblemished.

Cancer health

Cancer's sensitivity is, first of all, their own problem. The experiences that constantly worry them become a source of depressive conditions, take away strength, making the representatives of this sign vulnerable to various kinds of infections. If you look from the other side, the Cancer radiating happiness throughout life, quickly recovers, even seriously ill, and right before our eyes restores its health and good spirits.

Cancers have the most problems with the skin, which is sensitive to various kinds of inflammation, and the smallest abrasions and cuts take a long time to heal. The ribcage is considered another weak spot. In addition to all of the above, Cancers have weak bladders and kidneys. It is among the sign of Cancer that a large number of people are found suffering from various kinds of ulcers.

Cancers are serious people. There are always many plans in their eyes, as in their heads

Cancer needs to be in the fresh air more often, to rest near water bodies. The sea will help relieve Cancer of the melancholy that causes illness much faster than career success or happiness in family life, which is extremely important for this sign.

Cancer culinary preferences

Cancers, realizing that spicy, spicy and fatty foods are harmful to their health, are not at all able to refuse such dishes. Representatives of this zodiac sign will not eat grains and vegetables that are healthy for them, considering that almost any diet is a whole problem.

From a different angle, rationality in nutrition, which means limiting quantity, not variety, is ideal for them.

Cancers are not advised to get too carried away with exotic foods, such as raw meat or fish, sour fruits and vegetables, as an allergic reaction can develop and serious poisoning can occur.

Cancer Child

Cancer children are especially susceptible, unlike their peers. Such a treasure requires careful attitude and the most gentle methods of education. Only one rude word or rough intonation in speech will be quite enough for the baby to feel unhappy and unloved by loved ones. Little Cancers do not forget small grievances for a long time, make an analysis of the events that have occurred, explaining the situation from a favorable side for themselves. In order to be in a state of inner peace, such a child needs an attentive, kind and patient person nearby, moreover, not deprived of a rich imagination.

The children of this sign continue to believe in miracles for a long time, they want to meet a good fairy or Santa Claus, and the older generation is always surprised by fables that seem to have happened in reality. In addition, Cancers will never try to take advantage of the extraordinary stories told. They are simply interested in the process of creating something new and incredible.

When Cancers are in a state of happiness, they cannot stop talking. But when they start to feel sad, you can't get a word out of them

While studying at school, Cancers have no problems. Children of this sign usually have an excellent memory, grasp new things on the fly, creatively solve various problems. Relations with teachers and classmates are not always equal. The child of this sign plays different roles - he can be the ringleader of leprosy, a universal favorite, an inventor, a sad crybaby, an object of ridicule or pity. If you are a parent of Cancer, be sure to monitor his mood and teach him how to do it on his own. It is the abrupt changes that often arise in him that lead to difficulties in communication.

Little Cancers always bring joy to relatives not only with their good behavior, but also with obedience, sincere care for loved ones, help for the elderly, which you will not have to ask twice for. Cancer will willingly start looking after pets, will pay more attention to younger sisters and brothers. Such a baby is in dire need of praise, so parents should be generous with it.

Cancer child

An important moment for a Cancer child and at the same time difficult for parents is the onset of adolescence. Growing up does not proceed without difficulties, changes in the body caused by restructuring are accompanied by the manifestation of cruelty in the character of Cancers, rancor and suspicion. You can influence the child only by your own examples, since the discussion of problems will not bring significant results.

It is worth noting that Cancers, brought up correctly, are the sweetest of people who perfectly find a common language, both with themselves and with others. They have remarkable talents, therefore, parents, remember that you have a huge responsibility for their upbringing!

People born under the sign of Cancer

Edgar Degas, Pissaro, J. Darwin, Peter Rubens, Pamela Anderson, Gina Lollobrigida, Marcel Proust, Marc Chagall, Georges Sand, Rembrandt Van Rhine, Angela Merkel, Lionel Messi, Giorgio Armani, Pierre Cardin, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Jacques Russo, Princess Diana, Rockefeller, Carlos Santana, El Greco, Jean Corot, Ringo Star, Ralph Schumacher, Tom Hanks, Franz Kafka, Lyon Feuchtwanger, Julius Caesar, George Bush, Mike Tyson, Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel.

Compatibility Cancer

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Rating Cancer

45th President of the United States
1 Place
CEO of Tesla
2 Place
American politician
3 Place
American media personality
4 Place
American billionaire businessman and investor
5 Place
American television personality
6 Place
Brazilian professional mixed martial artist
7 Place
American rapper
8 Place
American comedian and actor
9 Place
American journalist
10 Place
Senator from Arizona
11 Place
American professional baseball pitcher
12 Place
Australian actress and producer
13 Place
American professional baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB)
14 Place
American gridiron football player
15 Place
Vice President
16 Place
British television producer
17 Place
American professional wrestler
18 Place
English retired professional golfer and television commentator
19 Place
Czech billionaire businessman
20 Place
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
21 Place
American sportscaster
22 Place
Canadian-American actress
23 Place
Indian actor
24 Place
American professional soccer player
25 Place
American actress
26 Place
English actor and musician
27 Place
American television personality
28 Place
South Korean actress
29 Place
American professional track and field sprinter
30 Place
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