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Horoscope today For sign Sagittarius

TODAY 5 February 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 20 February.

The ability Sagittarius to rationally distribute things and plan them will prevent possible troubles. All travel, business and work travel is not good for you today. Representatives of this sign, engaged in social activities, legal or medical practice, will face failure in their field. Men - Sagittarius should be more careful about their health to prevent a decrease in vital energy. Miscalculations in finance are possible. It is possible that your position in society and in the work collective will be shaken. Avoid initiative, accept help, as it comes in handy today more than ever.

Business Horoscope

Sagittarius don’t despair if you didn’t manage to carry out something planned. Take this as another reason to start creating something new, taking into account the mistakes of the past. The stars favor you today. Some factors will contribute to an increase in finances in the future, for example: calmly treat criticism of the leader, do not quarrel with him, do not rely on the support of colleagues when solving difficult issues, do everything yourself, and also prepare in advance for an important meeting or negotiations.



Sagittarius on this day old diseases that you for some reason did not heal will make themselves felt. Try to take the medicine you need with you to prevent dangerous symptoms. Having removed the acute phase, do not hesitate to visit a competent specialist in order to receive an appointment and quickly restore health, finally get rid of the annoying and distracting ailment from the normal rhythm of life.


Love horoscope

Sagittarius this day they will discover something completely new in their loved one, which they have not noticed before. It is possible that this is some kind of new facet or hidden talent that will positively affect your relationship and open up new opportunities for moving forward and developing your union. In the evening, exotic awaits you, so show your imagination and prepare for lovemaking in advance. You will have time for that today.


Moon calendar

On the fifteenth day, the moon is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. The time is unfavorable, therefore, be careful, rest more, do not succumb to temptations. Avoid scandals and don't accept any gifts. Stay on the side of justice!

If the full moon occurs on the 15th day, then for the next fourteen days you will be emotionally unstable. If on the 16th day, they are balanced. Revelations and prophetic dreams await you. Viburnum juice, as well as hot, spicy and coarsely ground food, will benefit the body today. The energy center is the diaphragm and pancreas. Symbols of the day: Winged jackal, Serpent. Stones: jet, morion, agate.

Moon calendar

Day 15

Today 5 February.
Age of the moon 14.6 Days - growing.
Moon at 405,067 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 147,510,685 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 7:09:05, 20 Feb 2023.


Rating Sagittarius

1 Place
President of Venezuela
2 Place
3 Place
Deputy Prime Minister of Israel
4 Place
Governor of New York
5 Place
6 Place
British-American businessman
7 Place
8 Place
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
9 Place
Co-founder of Tesla
10 Place
National Security Advisor to the Vice President of the United States
11 Place
12 Place
Senator from Virginia
13 Place
Chief economist of investment bank Goldman Sachs
14 Place
American journalist
15 Place
English film director and producer
16 Place
Canadian actor
17 Place
18 Place
Vice President of Colombia
19 Place
Member of the Senate of Pakistan
20 Place
21 Place
Argentine film director
22 Place
Austrian filmmaker
23 Place
Founder of Ripple Labs
24 Place
Senior United States senator from New York
25 Place
CEO of Hyatt
26 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games
27 Place
Secretary of the Treasury
28 Place
Chief Executive Officer of World Resources Institute
29 Place
30 Place


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