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Horoscope today For sign Aries

TODAY 26 October 2021. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 4 November.

For Aries today is not a pleasant and lucky day. Perhaps you are lucky and the cycle of events will not whirl you. Do things in a measured manner, gradually, do not rush to do everything that is conceived at once, leave part for later. Fate has prepared for you another test for fortitude and courage. Do not be afraid of trials, go towards them with your head held high, otherwise the problem will not be solved later, or it will take more time. The accompanying endurance and prudence inherent in you will certainly lead to success in all matters and in many undertakings. Today the risk of injury is high, so be careful and attentive to prevent injury.

Business Horoscope

Today, Aries will inevitably experience a feeling of disappointment in the work performed, and the fault is envy of others' successes. Instead of joy for the achievements of your colleagues, on this day you will only fall into a stupor, which can lead to a depressive state. From your point of view, those around you look much more successful than they really are in life. Try to move away from this situation, remember your victories and come to terms with the idea that each person has their own path to achieving success, even if it is thorny.



Today, Aries needs to be made clear that not all sugary foods are bad for health and weight. For example, if honey or a variety of dried fruits are present in your diet, this contributes to the satisfaction of the desire to eat something else tasty, without causing any particular harm to your body, in addition, it will help to replenish the reserves of nutrients to normalize and maintain a healthy state.


Love horoscope

Aries today will feel a prick of jealousy right in the heart. You may suspect a loved one is spending too much time on someone else. It is on this day that you are able to be jealous of your chosen one for hobbies, work, friends, in general, for anything. Even a cat in your partner's lap will be a competitor for you. The horoscope asks not to spray emotions, but to try to attract the attention of a loved one with affection and without hysterics. Although it will be very difficult for you to do this ...


Moon calendar

On the twentieth day, the Moon is in the III phase from the full moon to the IV quarter, decreases. Today, be ready to defeat yourself, throw off a heavy burden, get rid of doubts when making an important decision. You are not afraid of obstacles! Take time for your family, reading sacred texts, prayers. Fight your selfishness, arrogance, disgust.

Dreams can come true. Try to dream of someone, thinking about the person in advance. Do not eat food of animal origin or starve. Protect your eyesight. The energy center on the 20th lunar day is the peritoneum and shoulder blades. Symbol: Imperial Eagle with peace in its paws. Stones: pyrite, red jasper.

Moon calendar

Day 20

Today 26 October.
Age of the moon 19.8 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 403,659 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 148,688,688 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 21:15:26, 4 Nov 2021.


Rating Aries

Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
1 Place
Chief Financial Officer of the NVIDIA
2 Place
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
3 Place
Founder and chairman of the Nikola Corporation
4 Place
Executive Vice President of the European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age
5 Place
Chief financial officer at Tesla
6 Place
Novelist, philanthropist
7 Place
Chief financial officer at Facebook
8 Place
Member of the New York City Council
9 Place
10 Place
11 Place
financial and executive director of Electronic Arts
12 Place
chairman of the Walt Disney Company
13 Place
Chairman and MD of the Reliance Industries
14 Place
Сhief industry advisor
15 Place
the Assembly member for the 6th District of the New York Assembly
16 Place
Analyst at Bank of America
17 Place
U.S. Deputy Leader of State
18 Place
Chief Executive Officer of MediaTek
19 Place
Head of private banking of Barclays
20 Place
Media executive
21 Place
Chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed
22 Place
Managing Director of Dow Jones
23 Place
Planetary Scientist of NASA
24 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Visa
25 Place
Chief economist of Deutsche Bank
26 Place
Analyst at Atlantic Equities
27 Place
President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
28 Place
Chairman of Sanders Morris Harris Group
29 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Loon
30 Place


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