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Horoscope today For sign Taurus

TODAY 12 May 2021. MOON growing, NEW MOON 10 June.

Today, Taurus, when driving, be careful on the road. You may be injured, have a car accident, or face problems that your family members have. Take someone else's opinion into account or defend yours. Doubt is good too. Do not indulge in gluttony and do not abuse alcohol. The day as a whole is dangerous, unfavorable, and guarantees bad luck. You, with regal superiority, will bypass circumstances that are insignificant in your opinion, fraught with fatal consequences, and come out dry from the water. Mutual grudges and conflict situations will end your love relationship with your partner.

Business Horoscope

Taurus today will need to show character. On this day, you will face a situation where you will prove to your colleagues, influential people or partners that you are right. Not everyone will take this normally, the reaction will generally be skeptical. Do not despair ahead of time, but keep insisting on the viability of your position. The end of the day will end with minor troubles and financial difficulties. Get creative, do not be shy, act as you planned earlier.



For Taurus this day is difficult and dangerous for health, especially for the joints. Take all the necessary measures to prevent undue stress on them, in particular, postpone active walking and exercise. Today you should receive information on how to improve your health and prevent the risk of developing chronic diseases, but it is important to use it wisely.


Love horoscope

Today, starting in the morning, Taurus will feel like a squirrel in a wheel until it finds a suitable excuse to calm down, so romantic relationships don't fit into the plans of this sign. You just need to relax and try to meditate, even if the situation is not at all suitable for this. Get your feelings and thoughts in order, try to come to a common denominator with your partner. Today flirting and new acquaintances with the opposite sex are not excluded.


Moon calendar

Today 12 May.
Age of the moon 0.4 Days - growing.
Moon at 405456.41 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151151608 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 10:54:05, 10 Jun 2021.

Rating Taurus

Industrialist, media proprietor, and investor
1 Place
President and CEO of PayPal
2 Place
70th United States Secretary of State
3 Place
Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft
4 Place
Chief Medical Advisor to the President
5 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Web Services
6 Place
professional basketball player
7 Place
25th National Security Advisor
8 Place
Chief Financial Officer of the Snap
9 Place
digital consultant and political advisor at the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign
10 Place
Managing Principal/Founder, Aronson,Johnson & Ortiz
11 Place
Team Leader of Currencies, Commodities and Emerging Markets Research at J.P. Morgan.
12 Place
King of Saudi Arabia
13 Place
President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
14 Place
EU Commissioner for Home Market
15 Place
Chief Executive Officer of media group Axel Springer SE
16 Place
Under-Secretary-General of United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
17 Place
Chief financial officer at Sony
18 Place
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Motors Company
19 Place
Founder of The Daily Wire
20 Place
21 Place
Founder and CEO of Caruso
22 Place
CEO of Greystar Real Estate Partners
23 Place
Chairman, president and chief executive officer
24 Place
25 Place
Chief Executive Officer
26 Place
27 Place
Chairman and chief executive officer
28 Place
Founder and former chairman
29 Place
Professional Basketball Player
30 Place
Alena Potapova

Development Director