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Horoscope today For sign Taurus

TODAY 29 May 2022. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 30 May.

On this day, Taurus has problems of a domestic nature and household chores will require a quick solution. Only misunderstandings and fatigue will bring meeting with friends. The state of health will worsen, and conflicts with children and relatives will increase. The stars recommend that the representatives of this sign spend the whole day off with their family in nature. Communication with loved ones and a romantic meeting will bring joy and relief. Reschedule appointments for that day until next week. The likelihood of a casual acquaintance is high, since your sociability and charm are off scale. Do not engage in heavy physical labor to avoid exacerbations of chronic diseases and injuries. Dreams can come true today.

Business Horoscope

Taurus today you shouldn't think about how best to spend this day, as with a high degree of probability it will not be cloudless. The work will require focusing on important points at the most inopportune times. Do not ruin your day, try not to reflect on the problems that have arisen, but just talk about it with your loved ones. You will see that everything will return to normal, because frank conversations about many issues with a person who empathizes with you is extremely important.



Taurus, try not to burden your vision today, as excessive stress on this sense organ is fraught with further consequences. Monitor the work of the intestines on this day, free it from toxins and toxins in time. The danger of bronchial and lung diseases is great, so take due care of your health, try not to overcool and strengthen your immunity with the help of hardening procedures, proper nutrition and the use of vitamins.


Love horoscope

Taurus today it is better to experience less negative emotions. Try to change minus to plus, then happiness will come with you for a long time. Do not compare your partner with anyone on this day, otherwise in the evening you will be disappointed, and everything that is planned will go to waste. Rejoice at what you have, think realistically. Do not focus on words while playing love. Believe me, they do not correspond to reality, listen to what the partner's body says.


Moon calendar

On the twenty-eighth day, the Moon continues to wane and is in phase IV from the last quarter to the new moon. The day of the Sun has come - the most favorable time of the month. Harmony should not be violated, therefore, rough actions in relation to nature and people are prohibited. Your mood is high, your emotions are under control, and you have good intentions and thoughts in your head. Important things can start today. Save energy, rest. Try not to eat meat, starve dry. Purify your skin and body.

Dreams on the 28th day are prophetic, they can serve as a warning. The eyes are the energy center. Symbols: Lily, Water Lily, Thousand-petalled Lotus. Stones: aquamarine, milk opal, belomorite.

Moon calendar

Day 28

Today 29 May.
Age of the moon 28.4 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 399,778 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,638,755 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 11:32:11, 30 May 2022.


Rating Taurus

Mayor of New York City
1 Place
Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Facebook
2 Place
Secretary of Department of Commerce
3 Place
Prime Minister of Australia
4 Place
Actress and singer
5 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Albertsons
6 Place
Senator from Oregon
7 Place
United States Senator from Arkansas
8 Place
Founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
9 Place
President of Ohio State University
10 Place
Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company
11 Place
Founder of Stuart Weitzman
12 Place
Co-founder of Netflix
13 Place
Co-founder of Duke Energy
14 Place
15 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Pershing Square Tontine Holdings
16 Place
CEO, WarnerMedia
17 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Nike
18 Place
Co-founder of Themis Trading
20 Place
Co-founder of The Honest Company
21 Place
Producer, director and screenwriter
22 Place
Associate at Goldman Sachs
23 Place
Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve
24 Place
Vice chairman of Oracle
25 Place
Executive Director of the Alliance for Coney Island
26 Place
President & CEO of the New York Building Congress
27 Place
Chairman of Miami Dolphins
28 Place
Chairman of Irvine Company
29 Place
27th United States Secretary of Defense
30 Place


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