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Nancy Pelosi arrived in Singapore as part of an Asian tour that may include a stop in Taiwan
1 August 2022
US-Singapore relations US House Speaker Nancy Patricia Pelosi and Singaporean President Halimah Yacob in a meeting in the city-state on Monday advocated the development of US-Singapore relations. "The two sides said there is an excellent and&n
Joe Biden rating has fallen to a low point
30 July 2022
US President Joe Biden's rating US President Joe Biden's popularity among Americans has fallen to a new low since his inauguration, according to a Gallup poll released on Friday. The results of a Gallup poll publis
Larry Hogan opposed Trump's announcement to run for president until November
25 July 2022
Donald Trump on running for president Some Republicans believe that former US President Donald Trump will damage the party if he decides to announce his presidential candidacy ahead of the midterm elections to Congress
The Prime Minister of Iraq will insist on regional dialogue at the Middle East summit
16 July 2022
Iraq-US strategic partnership Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, during a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Jeddah on Saturday, reiterated Baghdad's intention to maintain a strategic partnership with Washington. "We will develo
Joe Biden says US gives $200 million to UN agency to help Palestine
15 July 2022
Statement from Joe Biden The United States is giving $200m to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). US President Joe Biden said this on Friday, speaking at a joint press conference with Palestinian leader Ma
Joe Biden arrives in the Middle East worried about Iran's nuclear program
13 July 2022
Joe Biden meets with Benjamin Gantz The Israeli authorities are confident that the United States and its President Joe Biden personally will continue to take the necessary steps to prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear weap
Avigdor Lieberman hopes Biden visit will help create a mideast market in the region
11 July 2022
Biden's visit US President Joe Biden's upcoming visit to Israel this week could lay the foundations for a single market space in the Middle East. This was the view expressed by Jewish Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman speaking at an economic confer
China opposes unilateral US sanctions
7 July 2022
Unilateral sanctions China stands firmly against unlawful unilateral sanctions by the US. This is how Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian commented at a briefing on Thursday on the US Treasury's blacklis
Kathleen Hochul wins the Democratic primary
29 June 2022
After the ballots are counted New York State's incumbent governor Kathleen Courtney Hochul wins the primary to represent the Democratic Party in the upcoming gubernatorial election.&nb
Jacob Sullivan says NATO summit to discuss increased funding for the alliance
28 June 2022
Funding the alliance Participants at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit will agree on concrete plans to increase funding for the alliance's overall budgets. US Assistant to the President for National Security 
Joe Biden signs gun safety bill
25 June 2022
Firearms in the US US President Joe Biden on Saturday morning signed into law legislation approved by Congress to tighten gun control in the country. The ceremony took place at the White House. The initiative he signed would provide grants to state
Antony Blinken congratulates Colombia's president-elect on his election victory
20 June 2022
Congratulations from Antony John Blinken The Washington administration is ready to cooperate with Colombian President-elect Gustavo Francisco Petro. This was said in a statement by US Secretary of State Antony John Blinken,&
Joe Biden's support level drops to 39%
25 January 2022
Joe Biden's rating The level of support for US President Joe Biden among US voters has fallen further, dropping to 39%. The results of a Harvard/Harris poll released by The Hill newspaper on Monday evening show this. According to this analysis, onl
Joe Biden says the results of the 2022 mid-term congressional elections could be challenged
20 January 2022
Congress 2022 US President Joe Biden has admitted that the results of this November's mid-term congressional elections could be challenged if the country fails to reform its electoral law. The US leader s
Joe Biden's average level of approval in his first year was 48.9%
19 January 2022
Joe Biden's rating US President Joe Biden's average popularity level in his first year in the White House was 48.9 per cent, lower than that of all other US leaders except Donald Trump during the same period. The Hill repor
Eric Adams says NYC's government has been ‘dysfunctional for far too long’ in first speech as mayor
2 January 2022
New York City Mayor Eric Adams opened his administration on Saturday by telling residents they would bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic and fix longstanding issues like crime-ridden communities. "Our government has been dysfunctional for
Bipartisan lawmakers urge SEC to review Unilever documents over Ben & Jerry's boycott in Israel
29 November 2021
Ben & Jerry's in Israel A group of bipartisan lawmakers from the House of Representatives is urging Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate Ben & Jerry the parent company's&n
The chances of Jerome Powell being reappointed have fallen
5 October 2021
Chances of Jerome Powell staying on for a second term Last week, Fed Chair Powell came under heavy criticism from Senator Elizabeth Warren. Market forecasts showed Powell's chances of reappointment declining. Here's wha
Democrats in Senate call for taxation of share buy-backs
13 September 2021
Tax on share buy-backs Democrats in the US Congress want to impose a 2% tax on share buy-backs by companies to raise $270bn to fund the $3.5 trillion welfare bill. On Friday, two senior Democrats in the US Senate introduced a proposal to impose a 2
New York prepares to host UN General Assembly
12 September 2021
UN General Assembly in New York The ongoing spread of the coronavirus around the world is clearly having an impact on the UN General Assembly regular session which opens on 14 September, but the very pres
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