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US, UK and Australia agree to increase cooperation in the region
13 June 2021
Expanding cooperation in the region Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison discussed with US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expanding cooperation on key areas. The Australian newspaper reported on Sunday that the them
Donald Trump launches new website
5 May 2021
Trump's personal website It will host the ex-president's speeches and his supporters will be able to publish them on social networks. However, they will not be able to comment on the material on the new site.
Government will buy tickets for underage illegals to take to relatives in the U.S.
27 February 2021
Immigrants in the U.S. Faced with pressure from progressive supporters to deliver on immigration policy promises, the Biden administration is reportedly planning to buy plane tickets and take illegal immi
Facebook blocks COVID-19 vaccination ads
22 February 2021
Facebook ad blocking A ban on political advertising imposed before the US presidential election hit paid posts raising awareness about COVID-19. Facebook acknowledged the problem and promised to restore&n
Twitter condemns the blocking of the social network in Myanmar
6 February 2021
Restrictions on use of the social network in Myanmar Twitter has condemned the restrictions on the social network in Myanmar. This was reported by CNN, citing a statement by a spokesman for the social network.
Emmanuel Macron said London needs to choose between EU and US
31 January 2021
UK foreign policy The UK should decide on its foreign policy and not try to simultaneously enlist both the European Union and the US as close allies. This was stated by French President Emmanuel Macron. He said: "What course will the UK choose? It
Key decrees signed by Joe Biden
24 January 2021
Biden has changed the lives of New York illegals In the first hours of his presidency, Joe Biden has taken action that will have a broad impact on new immigrants, illegals and families with mixed immigration status across New York City. Lifting the
Twitter has blocked the account of the Chinese Embassy in the United States
22 January 2021
Accessing the account Twitter has blocked the account of the Chinese embassy in the US because of an offensive post about Uighurs. This was reported by Bloomberg. The embassy's page said that thanks to the Chinese authorities policies, Uighur women
Facebook and Instagram unblocked Donald Trump's accounts
16 January 2021
Unlocking the president's account Facebook founder Zuckerberg had earlier said that Trump's pages would be blocked until his term as president expires. "The blocking is necessary for a 
Facebook blocked events on Biden's inauguration day
16 January 2021
Event ban On 20 January, events planned outside the White House and Capitol buildings cannot be organised on the social networking site. The company could also temporarily ban Americans from broadcasting and creating groups. Facebook has imposed ad
Michael Pence considered applying the 25th Amendment against Trump
10 January 2021
Removal from power US Vice President Michael Pence has not ruled out that he may invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which allows the removal of incumbent President Donald Trump from power. This was reported by CNN, ci
European market weakened due to Brexit
7 December 2020
Unknowns over UK-EU trade relations in the new year is weighing on the stock market on Monday among statements that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to end negotiations in a few hours.European stocks sold inferior on Monday amid increased
new U.S. Treasury Secretary
3 December 2020
What to expect from the new US Treasury (UST) Secretary Janet Yellen, former chairman of the Fed, may take over as finance minister after Joe Biden takes over as president. Political experts say that her policy on the US-China trade partnership
The Pennsylvania Court overturned the lower court's decision to suspend the confirmation of the election results
29 November 2020
The Pennsylvania Court has decided The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overturned a lower court decision to suspend the confirmation of the election results. The reason for this was the expiry of the time period within which the st
Biden presented candidates for key positions in diplomacy and security
25 November 2020
Candidates for key positions Elected President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected vice president held an event on Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware, representing people to be nominated to the highest positions in diplomacy and national security&
New judge in the Supreme Court of America
27 October 2020
Amy Barrett won the election as a judge The article describes a new judge in the Supreme Court of the United States. Has Barrett broken the law? What do Democrats think about it and what will happen to the United States of America? Amy Barrett
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Iran’s Oil Sector
27 October 2020
The Trump administration imposed sweeping economic sanctions against Iran’s oil sector on Monday as tensions between Washington and Tehran continue to escalate in the days leading up to the American presidential election. The Treasury Departme
Biden will complete his campaign in Georgia
26 October 2020
Joe Biden will perform in Georgia The article compares the statistics of candidates and discusses what Biden will talk about on 27 October. The Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden will make his final campaign statement on Tuesday 27 O
Donald Trump voted early for the new American President
25 October 2020
Early voting by the President of the United States Yesterday Trump decided to visit the state of Florida's voting site and also to vote early. The article describes who the US President voted for. U.S. President Donald Trump has decided to vote ear
Trump backtracks after comments seem to suggest people try voting twice in presidential election
4 September 2020
US President Donald Trump has walked back comments that seemed to suggest he was encouraging people to try to vote twice in the November 3 election. Trump said people who vote early by mail should show up at polling places and vote ag
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