Zodiac sign Capricorn



22 December - 19 January

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign of Capricorn

Capricorns in themselves are quite an energetic sign, but, nevertheless, passive, therefore they waste themselves in pursuit of something big, but rather try to keep what they already have. We are talking here not only about material wealth, but also about emotions.

Capricorns do not argue and do not defend their opinion, they just stay with him and silently collect evidence that they are right. They will not take part in the conflict, but they will still benefit from its resolution. Failures almost never unsettle them - they are firm and go ahead to their goal, and even if there is no interest in it, completely and completely acting by inertia.

Sign Of Capricorn

Capricorns in their manifestation are restrained and unemotional, but passions are not at all alien to them. They just try to keep their experiences to themselves and trust them only to those closest to them.

Many Capricorns are by nature pessimistic. They are confident in their own strengths, but they believe that circumstances are most often against them. In addition, they consider themselves to be unlucky people. This confirms the fact that Capricorns in life are given with great difficulty, and they know how to rejoice at the success that has befallen them like no other.

Capricorns take care of the weak, because a sense of responsibility is in their blood. They selflessly do this, wait for words of gratitude, and without receiving it, they are once again convinced that the world around them is imperfect.

True Capricorns will never smile at people who are unpleasant to them. But they will behave politely towards everyone - their upbringing will not allow them to come to rudeness

The people of the Capricorn sign are distinguished by great vitality and assertiveness in achieving excellent results in all spheres of life. They are proud of their mental abilities, sometimes without even having any prerequisites for this, and, if laziness is alien to them, they diligently engage in the development of their intelligence. Capricorns are one of the few who are ready to receive education throughout their entire life.

The relations with the world as a whole for the representatives of this sign are quite difficult. Capricorns are proud, look independent, but periodically suffer due to the fact that they cannot win the sympathy of others and defend their opinion. They tend to create a narrow circle of like-minded people who are content with them. Capricorns try not to become dependent on others, so companies of unknown people will prefer solitude.

Capricorn is a selfish sign, but does not put himself above others. In addition, its representatives have to deal with the resentment prevailing in the whole world and complexes due to underestimation of their appearance or talents.

Capricorn is not afraid of time, distance, or difficulties ... After all, it is they who help Capricorn to realize his strength, become himself and respect himself as a person

Representatives of the sign are balanced and calm, but this is only at first glance. Deep down, they strive for power and leadership, which can be difficult to control. It is these people who are often cruel tyrants if their behavior is not contradicted by the moral norms and traditions to which they remain faithful.

Male Capricorns are usually timid, but at the same time have a strong character. They expect recognition and praise for their merits, but they do not openly ask for it, being embarrassed. At a young age, representatives of the sign readily obey the older generation, and upon reaching adulthood, they acquire a rebellious spirit and frivolity, but in the same life period, Capricorn men also become romantics.

Capricorn women, even having achieved incredible heights in terms of careers, remain loyal to their family. A prestigious position and a high salary cannot satisfy such a lady if she does not have a beloved spouse and a cozy, ideally furnished home. Women of this sign do not try to find an explanation for their actions, believing that "it is necessary" and "so accepted" for the second half will be quite enough. Perhaps for this reason, Capricorn women are practically never rude or vulgar. It's just enough to warn them that it is forbidden to behave in this way in society, so as not to repeat such an awkward situation.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn sign element

Capricorn is an earth sign, so people born under it have prudence and practicality.

You can come into contact with the ground - weigh, see, touch. No one will ever have an ounce of doubt that she is really real. Capricorns think in such categories - abstract reasoning and illusions, and imaginary ideals are very far from them. Representatives of this sign are not stingy to give advice to dreamers attracted by their prudence. Those same rarely listen to him. Capricorn values ​​are often material, and their views are prosaic.

Huge treasures are hidden in the bowels of the Earth, which are not easy to get to. They are hidden from prying eyes, but an enthusiastic seeker will get a real treasure, which will become a responsible employee, an honest partner, a reasonable boss, a devoted friend, a faithful lover. Capricorns do significant actions in their life unnoticed for themselves and slowly rise to the heights of life.

Capricorns correctly decide how to manage their property, respect stability in family life and work environment.

Career in the life of Capricorn and the profession of this sign

Belonging to the earth signs, Capricorns expect professional success in industries such as agriculture, construction and mining. Those who do not possess a research spirit, but inherited a sense of beauty, find themselves specialists in the field of antiques. Still others, guided by the desire for power and ambition, devote their lives to administrative activities or politics.

Capricorns are always persistent, responsible and patient, which makes them valuable in the eyes of management. For colleagues, they are more likely competitors than pleasant comrades. Capricorns get the best results only when they work alone, in addition, having their own office plays an important role for them.

The reliability of Capricorns knows no limits. These are the people who are so reliable that you can force a person born under this zodiac sign to blindly complete a task, no matter how difficult it may be. This is what sets them apart from others

Occupying a leading position, Capricorns are overly demanding and despotic. The most cunning of them spend a lot of time to communicate with subordinates, find out their strengths and weaknesses of character, and then become their manipulators.

Capricorns are unlikely to at least once in their lives decide to conclude a risky deal, embark on an adventure or take a rash step, but will only envy the tireless pioneers and successful businessmen. They will always strive to preserve the benefits they have achieved and not rush to increase them. They receive real wealth only when they reach adulthood, and even old ones. This is because Capricorns begin to conquer Olympus careers much later than other signs.

Capricorn Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

When it comes to family happiness, Capricorns, usually adhering to social traditions and norms, completely forget about them. They do not dwell on one partner, who needs to evaluate all his advantages and disadvantages from all sides, but take into account several. Most Capricorns approach the search for the second half from a practical point of view, assessing how the chosen person knows how to earn money capital, take care of the offspring and run the household.

Capricorns give preference to smart people, but only to those who share their life position, therefore, first of all, they are looking for a life partner in a circle of like-minded people. Representatives of this sign will be happy paired with a partner in something more stupid than themselves, but they will not trust him.

Capricorns want romantic relationships to always be smooth and calm, but all these efforts, thrown at this, often slip out of their control. This sign usually falls unrequitedly in love with a person whom he cannot keep, or he feels underestimated or misunderstood, but this is when the object of their passionate love is somewhat simple.

It doesn't matter how much Capricorn is in love. They will never forget to use their head as well as their heart

Marriage for Capricorn is a serious and detailed step. Quite often, they enter into a family union of convenience or give preference to a person of their social level. Having stopped their choice on someone, Capricorn tries to be faithful to him, having fed up with a fairly large number of not only easy hobbies, but also serious connections in the past.

Capricorn finds a common language with almost everyone, but not with Scorpio, who will doom him to suffering, not with Gemini, so as not to doubt tomorrow, and also not with Aquarius, so as not to worry about the reciprocity of feelings.

Choosing such a Capricorn as a partner, the representatives of the sign will find peace and happiness, and with Leo they will feel pride in their family hearth.

Another good partner for Capricorns is the always balanced Taurus. Pisces, being elusive, also bestows happiness, but for a short time, and breaking a relationship with it will be a rather heavy blow.

Being reasonable and sane by nature, Capricorns tend to get carried away by a frivolous, bright and even sometimes stupid person within one second. If Capricorn considers equal character, constancy, loyalty to traditions to be the valuable qualities of a companion, then their chosen one may become the opposite and not at all have such character traits. With all this, representatives of this sign are not two-faced in order to have a lover in addition to a spouse, therefore they marry as late as possible, after several romantic relationships. Others, over time, completely cease to be interested in sex life.

Capricorns are hard to please because they have high standards!

Sexual relationships paired with Capricorns will always be influenced by tradition. Even if Capricorn dreams of bold and risky experiments, no one will ever know about this, much less help to bring them to life. The exception is a very fleeting romance. People of this sign will amaze their partner more with stamina than with ingenuity, but such a gentle lover cannot be found anywhere else.

A short romance with Capricorns is of interest exclusively from a sexual point of view, because romantic meetings, beautiful courtship, night walks under the moonlight are not typical for them. However, getting to know such a person closer, you will be amazed at the strength, depth, and subtlety of his feelings. Together with someone whom Capricorn trusts, he completely forgets about self-control and becomes frivolous, charming and playful.

Love in the life of the sign Capricorn

Capricorn health

It is a mistake to say that Capricorns have poor health, nevertheless, diseases often visit them. The main enemies of the sign are dampness and cold. Moreover, the lightest breeze and the warmest rain may end for them not just with a cold, but with more global consequences.

Dedicating themselves to work and completely forgetting about caring for their own appearance, Capricorns try to avoid such unnecessary things for them as diet, exercise and massage. They also rarely visit doctors. However, it is the representatives of this sign that should observe the hygiene of the skin, the necessary muscle tone, and also maintain a varied menu.

Do you know why Capricorns are sometimes called strange and on their own mind? Because they strive to live as they want, and not as usual for many

The most vulnerable places of Capricorns are the skin, on which acne often occurs, increased sensitivity and wide pores appear; bones with growing bulges and bumps; teeth with tartar deposits and stomach. Special attention should be paid to the nervous system. Capricorns are restrained in their emotions and imperturbable, therefore they are often tired, suffer from allergic reactions, gastrointestinal tract disorders and headaches.

Capricorns should be more lighthearted and frivolous, but in moderation. Try to lead an active lifestyle, breathe fresh air, sunbathe and get enough sleep to feel healthy and happy.

Capricorn's culinary preferences

Capricorns are always attentive to their diet, but sometimes they overly adhere to the diet, not realizing that it only harms their body. For example, excluding flour and other foods enriched with carbohydrates from the menu, representatives of this sign become exhausted, passive and lethargic.

And food containing a large number of fats and salts should be avoided altogether.

It is better for Capricorns to adhere to separate nutrition, enrich the diet with all kinds of vegetables and salads, and change mayonnaise to olive or vegetable oil.

There are periods in the life of Capricorns when they are extremely attentive to food, counting every calorie with a calculator, and starving all evening long if they decide not to eat after six hours. However, after a while they break down and get stomach problems, while experiencing pangs of conscience.

Capricorn child

The Capricorn child is most often neat, serious and obedient, does not present bad surprises to parents, responsibly approaches his studies and chores and generally looks extremely mature in the eyes of others. It is necessary to speak the same language with such a baby. Most young Capricorns do not tolerate even the diminutive form of the name by which they were named, and if they are lisping with them, they will simply lose their temper.

Capricorns do not strive for communication, so they are rarely found in large companies. Usually they are friends with one or two people. The leprosy of their peers is of little interest to them. Capricorns prefer to talk about serious topics exclusively with adults. Their studies are easy. Children born under this sign show interest in the exact sciences, but they also achieve significant success in humanitarian subjects.

By the way, a stranger or someone who is not important to him will not be able to offend Capricorn: Capricorns cannot be seriously hurt by people they do not value

Capricorns are stubborn from childhood, and this quality only increases with age. Do not try to persuade the child to give up something, as he firmly believes that he can get it, even acting against the wishes of others and the circumstances.

Capricorns are couch potatoes. They love to spend leisure time with their parents, celebrate family holidays and are sincerely happy when they can help someone close to them. Capricorns are considered good nannies and care for their sisters and brothers, even better than their parents.

In childhood, they form habits, to which they will remain faithful throughout their lives. Try to set only a good example for them. It is worth noting that Capricorns love comfort, cleanliness and neatness, but they are not very demanding in everyday life. Train them to keep their things in the right place and in order, otherwise it will become an insoluble problem in the future.

Capricorn Child

It is very important to pay more attention to the health of Capricorns, who grow up and often get sick before the age of twenty. A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition will help them cope with most ailments and prevent their occurrence. However, similar rules will apply to all family members, otherwise the young Capricorn child will feel slighted.

Personalities born under the sign of Capricorn

Raymond Pauls, Kate Middleton, Kate Moss, Nicolas Cage, Ricky Martin, Heinrich Schliemann, Karel Chapek, Mao Zedong, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Mark Tullius Cicero, Isaac Asimov, Adriano Celentano, Kevin Costner, Henri Matisse, John Césacaça Tolkien, Marilyn Manson, Aristotle Socrates Onassis, Ferdinand Wrangel, Moliere, Vidal Sassoon, Albert Schweitzer, James Headley Chase, David Bowie, Michael Schumacher, Muhammad Ali, Charles Louis de Montesquieu, Edgar Hoover, Elvard Nisoneda, Presley, Presley Annie Lennox, Louis Chevrolet, David Salinger, Rod Stewart, Mel Gibson, Edgar Allan Poe, Jeanne d'Arc, Marlene Dietrich.

Compatibility Capricorn

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility

Rating Capricorn

Junior United States senator from Texas
1 Place
Industrialist, media proprietor, and investor
2 Place
Professional Basketball Player
3 Place
American comedian
4 Place
American professional golfer
5 Place
Dominican professional baseballer of Major League Baseball (MLB)
6 Place
American former professional basketball player
7 Place
Film director
8 Place
American attorney
9 Place
Chief executive officer of United Parcel Service (UPS)
10 Place
Political commentator
11 Place
The first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
12 Place
American football wide receiver
13 Place
American television personality
14 Place
German professional tennis player
15 Place
Former chairman of Tata Sons
16 Place
American former professional football player
17 Place
Junior United States senator from Kentucky
18 Place
Golf broadcaster
19 Place
American professional golfer
20 Place
American professional golfer and TV golf analyst
21 Place
American singer
22 Place
American lawyer
23 Place
American environmental lawyer
24 Place
Austrian billionaire motorsport executive
25 Place
Irish musician
26 Place
American television presenter
27 Place
American actress
28 Place
American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL)
29 Place
American former professional golfer
30 Place
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