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Horoscope today For sign Pisces

TODAY 26 September 2022. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 25 September.

Today's Pisces promises a profitable investment if done wisely. The information you receive will definitely come in handy in the future, so be mindful of the little things. Try to memorize as much of the conversations and conversations as possible. There may be minor difficulties in work, therefore, in order to overcome them and get benefits for yourself, cheat. Luck is on your side, however, you shouldn't blindly hope for it.

Towards evening, arrange for yourself a little emotional release, as quarrels can arise literally out of nothing. Avoid noisy companies, spend time with loved ones. New acquaintances are not excluded, during which it is necessary to show your best side. A lot will depend on what impression you make on a person.

Business Horoscope

At work, you may have an unscheduled meeting or a new assignment where you will need to show your best side. Share your experience with colleagues, demonstrate how well you are coping with your goal. The bosses will see you as a good mentor and consultant.

It is better to postpone risky and adventurous affairs for another day. Today, Pisces should establish business relations, but not participate in questionable projects. It is possible that senior staff will require you to report on the work done.



If you are worried about headaches or other ailments, check with all possible doctors, get tested. You can even turn to alternative medicine. Meditation, rest and silence will help Pisces ease a difficult condition, especially after a busy day at work. Listen to the recommendations of experts.

If you have a day off, take the time for your own health. Today is better for this than ever.


Love horoscope

Today, Pisces simply needs to be in the thick of things, exactly where it is in demand. In such an environment, you will feel happy and attractive for new acquaintances. Lonely Pisces will have the opportunity to start a relationship, fall in love and be part of a dizzying romance. Those signs that already have a soul mate are encouraged to use their full romantic potential and remember the old days in order to rekindle passion in their hearts.


Moon calendar

The moon on the 29th day almost completely decreases and is in phase IV from the last quarter to the new moon, it is not visible in the sky. The day is full of troubles. People suffer from a lack of energy. Light some church candles in your home to protect you from the dark forces. Don't trust anyone! The likelihood of disasters is high today, but be passive nonetheless. Cleanse your body. Eat more dairy products and grains, and cut out meat. Let it be light in your house! You should also not plan new things.

Do not trust predictions and dreams! The energy center is the buttocks, rectum and large intestine. Symbols of the day: Maya, Octopus, Hydra. Stones: labrador, cacholong, obsidian, mother of pearl, black pearls.

Moon calendar

Day 29

Today 26 September.
Age of the moon 29.5 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 389,079 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 149,984,136 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 21:54:04, 25 Sep 2022.


Rating Pisces

1 Place
2 Place
3 Place
Chairman and CEO
4 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer
5 Place
Chairman of the Board of Seagate Technology
6 Place
CEO and co-founder of the Spotify
7 Place
Chairman and CEO of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy
8 Place
9 Place
United States Senator from Arizona
10 Place
Founder and CEO of the Luminar Technologies
11 Place
Chief Executive Officer of General Electric
12 Place
United States Senate majority leader
13 Place
Visual artist
14 Place
Co-founder of Nike, Inc.
15 Place
Chief Executive Officer and chairman at Southwest Airlines
16 Place
Infectious disease epidemiologist
17 Place
18 Place
Member of United States House of Representatives
19 Place
20 Place
Member of the United States House of Representatives
21 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Christie's
22 Place
Founder of News Corp
23 Place
24 Place
Chief Government Relations Officer of Ford
25 Place
Former Senator of United States from Tennessee
26 Place
EVP, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors
27 Place
Actress and producer
28 Place
Co-founder of BioNTech
29 Place
Member of the New York State Senate from the 60th district
30 Place


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