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Horoscope today For sign Virgo

TODAY 25 February 2024. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 10 March.

Today Virgo will be really popular among friends and family. Everyone will notice your talents and skills, so they will definitely start talking about them and will definitely turn to you for expert opinion, advice or help. However, you should not rush into the maelstrom of other people's problems with your head: to help them or not is your business.

If there are other, more important or unfinished business, then you can refer to them or pretend that you did not notice the request. Today friends will understand you, and will not conceal resentment for a long time. After all, you can have your own life. Therefore, assess the situation soberly and do not spray over trifles.

Business Horoscope

In the morning Virgo you can engage in social activities, since the time is especially favorable for this. In addition, luck will accompany you in the implementation of projects that can affect the future. Today, more than ever, it is better to deal with more cases. Communication with colleagues is also indispensable, but these contacts will have a beneficial effect on the development of your business, and will also help to establish useful contacts.

The bosses are especially supportive of Virgo today, so take a moment.



The main focus today should be Virgo on your own health and well-being. Weakened immunity will cause a susceptible organism to all sorts of colds. Subsequently, they can lead to significant complications. After taking serious drugs, antibiotics, in particular, the stomach and intestines will suffer. Therefore, consult your doctor in time and drink additional medications that are gentle on your gastric tract. The restoration of microflora is an important part of treatment.


Love horoscope

Today is a great time for love relationships with favorable coincidences. In a long-term relationship, Virgo will begin to show more concern for each other, not only from your side, but also from your partner. Tackling important issues today won't be annoying, so you can easily find the perfect, compromise solution for both.

Relationship problems will not arise even after you have been apart for a few days. You need to rest from each other.


Moon calendar

On the fifteenth day, the moon is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. The time is unfavorable, therefore, be careful, rest more, do not succumb to temptations. Avoid scandals and don't accept any gifts. Stay on the side of justice!

If the full moon occurs on the 15th day, then for the next fourteen days you will be emotionally unstable. If on the 16th day, they are balanced. Revelations and prophetic dreams await you. Viburnum juice, as well as hot, spicy and coarsely ground food, will benefit the body today. The energy center is the diaphragm and pancreas. Symbols of the day: Winged jackal, Serpent. Stones: jet, morion, agate.

Moon calendar

Day 15

Today 25 February.
Age of the moon 15.3 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 405,463 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 148,083,047 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 9:02:45, 10 Mar 2024.


Rating Virgo

Governor of Florida
1 Place
Australian film director
2 Place
American stand-up comedian
3 Place
American actor
4 Place
Russian former professional mixed martial artist
5 Place
United States senator from South Carolina
6 Place
Senior United States senator from Iowa
7 Place
American actor and comedian
8 Place
American actor
10 Place
Norwegian professional golfer
11 Place
26th United States Secretary of Defense
12 Place
13 Place
Senior United States senator from North Carolina
14 Place
English professional golfer
15 Place
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
16 Place
Vietnamese footballer
17 Place
Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives
18 Place
Canadian actor
19 Place
American professional basketball player
20 Place
German fashion designer
21 Place
American rapper
22 Place
Music executive
23 Place
co-founder of the Capital One Financial Corporation
24 Place
American politician
25 Place
American television personality and author
26 Place
American civil rights activist and politician in the state of Texas
27 Place
American track and field athlete
28 Place
American football cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL)
29 Place
American reality television personality
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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