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Horoscope today For sign Leo

TODAY 28 February 2024. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 10 March.

In the first half of the day, almost Leo may have constant disruptions of plans. The reason for this will be the somewhat overestimated ambitions of others, however, their influence is quite possible to avoid if you anticipate the participation of other people in your own life, or reduce communication with such persons to a minimum.

Today you need to be a little stricter towards yourself, hold in your hands and demand full commitment in business. Eliminate being late for appointments in order to deliver the required work on time on time, otherwise the consequences of an overdue deadline will not keep you waiting. They can be much more serious than you imagined. Even if the bosses do not tell you to your face, this will be reflected in future events.

Business Horoscope

Today Leo will have to rely only on their own strength, both in their career and in their main activities. Fortune and luck will not be on your side today, but it is possible to attract success on your own. If you try and work to your last strength, everything will turn out well. It is not worth leaving the work you have started for tomorrow, otherwise then you simply will not have enough time.

Also, do not count on a condescending attitude from the management. The bosses, more than ever, want to see the finished project, delivered on time.



Your health Leo should be taken seriously today, especially if you have heart problems. The risk of deterioration of the general condition is likely. If the first symptoms or discomfort appear, do not close your eyes to them and consult a doctor.

If you do not turn to a specialist in time and give up on problems, you may get a serious and neglected illness. As a result, it will be much more difficult to cure her morally and materially. Therefore, listen to your body.


Love horoscope

In the area of love, Leo will be more drawn to friendship and loyalty than to romance and passionate relationships. Today it will seem to the representatives of this sign that tender feelings should prevail today, over the animal instinct. During this time, the quality of your relationship with your partner will be rated as mediocre. If you have a family or a long-term relationship, then in them you will find yourself in the role of a subordinate. Today it is easier to agree with a partner, rather than argue with him or offer alternative solutions to the situation.


Moon calendar

On the eighteenth day, the Moon is in the III phase from the full moon to the IV quarter and decreases. The day shows our achievements in life, what we are inside. Assess yourself, rethink the past. You are passive today, you can succumb to someone else's influence, you are in an atmosphere of deception, intrigue, masks and seduction.

Dreams are likely to come true, so you should think about their content and see the clues. It will be beneficial to cleanse the body in any way. Try to sleep less. Treat gently. You can do your skin. The energy center on the 18th lunar day is the kidneys. Symbols: Monkey, Crystal, Mirror. Stones: spinel, lilac amethyst, opal, white agate.

Moon calendar

Day 18

Today 28 February.
Age of the moon 18.1 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 401,884 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 148,192,384 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 9:02:45, 10 Mar 2024.


Rating Leo

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1 Place
30th president of Harvard University
2 Place
American actor and filmmaker
3 Place
Swiss former professional tennis player
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American politician
5 Place
Canadian filmmaker
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American actor and filmmaker
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Chairman of Federal Reserve Board
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English actor
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44th President of the United States
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Co-founder and the executive chairman and chief technology officer (CTO) of Oracle Corporation
11 Place
Сhief executive officer of Microsoft
12 Place
American filmmaker
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American actress
14 Place
American UFC color commentator
15 Place
12th Director of the National Economic Council
16 Place
President of the ESPN
17 Place
American professional wrestler
18 Place
Junior United States senator from Pennsylvania
19 Place
Junior United States senator from Connecticut
20 Place
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
21 Place
American soccer player
22 Place
American former professional basketball player
23 Place
Chief Executive Officer of ServiceNow
24 Place
American politician
25 Place
42nd President of the United States
26 Place
American professional basketball player
27 Place
English and Albanian singer and songwriter
28 Place
Indian film director
29 Place
American football wide receiver
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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