Grossman Lindsay Ann


Lindsay Ann

Administrative assistant /office manager

District: Queens
Date birth:5 June 1981
Age: 43 years old
Zodiac sign:Gemini
22 December 2020

Work experience4

3 February 2020 - 
16 September 2020
7 months

Responsible for all collections in service department

Varsity Plumbing heating and Contracting Flushing, NY Billing and Collections
Prep, invoice, and enter all time, materials, and travel for service department. Invoice all contract, subcontractors, sprinkler inspections, backflow tests and C.O.D’s for service department. Send out all invoices in a timely manner. Obtain all purchase orders for each job.
5 July 2018 - 
1 February 2020
1 year 6 months

Administrative asst/office manager

Messenger For You- Brooklyn , NY Administrative
Enter in all orders on a daily basis. Responsible for confirming all orders with customers the day before delivery. Get all COI’s for buildings that require it. Formulate the routes for the drivers. Make all BOL’s and truck pick lists. Invoice all orders to vendors.
21 July 2015 - 
25 November 2018
3 years 4 months

Self Employed

Festival Vendor New York , NY
Bought wholesale, fashion forward jewelry from vendors, and sold them retail at all New York City fairs and flea markets. Kept reports on items that were quick sellers. Performed all the buying and selling, including retaining fixtures needed to set up the spot. Responsible for all customer service, sales, and profit.
10 February 2007 - 
30 March 2009
2 years 1 month

Showroom Manager

La Fiorentina New York, NY
Managed daily office activities including shipping, logistics, and accounts receivable for a $10 million/year accessory company that provides merchandise for A-brand retailers. Communicated with buyers regarding orders; provided line sheets and samples for potential and existing clients including Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Rampage and Burlington Coat Factory. Compiled and analyzed data for monthly sales and inventory reports for management. Coordinated trade shows, handled EDI, kept on top of customs brokers regarding air and ocean shipments.


1 September 2002 - 
1 June 2006
3 years 9 months

Laboratory Institute of Merchandising

Bachelors in Business Administration. 3.5 GPA, President’s List, Dean’s List 4 semesters
1 October 2014 - 
1 August 2015
10 months

Tarp INC- CASAC Training

Received CASAC-T

Key skills

I have 5yrs plus experience in administrative work including but not limited to invoicing/billing, collections, logistics/shipping, customer service, data entry, wholesale, purchase orders, and office management.

Self motivated; able to identify goals and priorities.

Experienced at organizing and managing projects and activities within demanding timeframes.

Strong ability to multi-task.

Sharp analytical and verbal skills.

Highly empathetic with strong ethics and values.

Additional Information

I am currently looking for work as administrative assistant /office manager.

Salary Requirements: 45k-55k plus benefits. I have a car and can work in Queens, Nassau, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. I am currently working but looking to change for financial reasons.

If you have questions please feel free to email me.

Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, QuickBooks, Various C.R.M. Programs

Not ready for business trips
Have kids
Have a driver's license
No car

Contact Information

Grossman Lindsay Ann
Best employers
Morgan Stanley
Вакансий: 3
Вакансий: 3
NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital
Вакансий: 3
Northwell Health
Вакансий: 3
Goldman Sachs
Вакансий: 2
JP Morgan Chase
Вакансий: 2
Wells Fargo
Вакансий: 2
National Restaurant Association
Вакансий: 2
Вакансий: 2
Вакансий: 2


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