Years of birth: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032

About the sign

The rat opens a series of signs of the eastern horoscope and commands the whole year, every day at night - from 11 pm to 1 am. The most successful time for this animal is winter. The peak of luck is in December. The Rat element is water. If we consider this sign in combination with the European Zodiac, then you can see its correspondence with Sagittarius, because the Rat's lucky colors are black and red. Good luck and health are bestowed on the sign: absinitis, night hyacinth, sandy grass and orchid. Favorable places of residence are: Turkey, Japan, Yugoslavia, South Africa, Bulgaria, China, Greece, Congo, Tibet, Albania. There is a belief that Rats born on a summer night will be immensely happy and rich in life without making any special efforts. Those born in the winter season, on the other hand, must work hard and hard to achieve what they want.

Rat sign

Childhood and adolescence Rats proceed steadily, without various troubles. This time is full of serenity and joy. The rat does not accept any rigid framework and conventions, it lives exclusively by its own rules. It is impossible to subdue her.

The eastern symbol is not inclined to withdraw into itself and develops as a person depending on the place, people and space in which it resides. The rat is an intelligent animal, but it can have a caustic character, nevertheless, you should not be afraid, because, for example, food made from poisonous products can be tasty and even healthy. Very cute representatives of this sign are often found.

Rat traits

The rat combines aggressiveness and charm at the same time. The manners of the representatives of the sign are always at their best, in addition, they have mystery and charm. The faces of these animals are interesting, and the skin is incredibly soft. Most often they are outwardly calm, but this is only at first glance - Rats are active and in constant motion. Also, you may be struck by some pretentiousness and lack of naturalness in their behavior. It is known that the Rat is looking for profit in everything and is able to make a good impression on the interlocutors, therefore it easily seduces the representatives of the opposite sex. This animal is uncompromising, but able to get into trust. Rats strive to rule and live with dignity. The more you depend on the sign, the more self-confidence you have in yourself. The rat is often nervous and irritated, but only a close social circle knows about these shortcomings.

You can't be called an optimist. If you dwell on what is already behind you, you will never be able to see what awaits you in the future. Now let's go! Get out and look around, ”advised Remy Gusteau.

Often this sign is the founder of unpleasant situations, nevertheless, it is just a kind of protection against the aggression of others. The rat is a secretive animal, dreaming to share its secrets, seeking understanding. All this is just her unrealizable desires - as soon as a stranger appears on the horizon, she instantly becomes vindictive and insidious, which harms her herself. Rats in most cases are unhappy, closed, inside reproach themselves for wrongdoing, helpless and too sensitive.

A mediocre life is not for the Rats, they are accustomed to taking risks. The sense of danger is intoxicating, but their desperate impulses are by no means thoughtless. The feeling of balance does not last long, because, in their opinion, violating what is permitted is to live fully. Routine is tiring and leads to boredom, because the Rat needs to provoke danger on its own or to start looking for new sharp adventures.

The rat loves sharp adventures

In a team, Rats feel comfortable. They enjoy attending meetings or going to clubs, but, unfortunately, the intrigues and gossip that surround them everywhere quickly translate friends into the category of just acquaintances. In addition, the Rats are real enslavers. For them, mental work is preferable. All the time, representatives of the sign are trying to use people, whether they are acquaintances, friends or relatives. They also love other people's money, even too much, often using their charm. If life develops in a certain way, then the Rat can become a usurer, a mot or a parasite.

The Rat's brain is constantly working on ways to benefit from the next situation. From nothing to do, the representatives of the sign begin to feel anger, reproach themselves, constantly critically assessing others and forcing them to hate themselves. Lack of useful activities leads to fights with people, which creates obstacles to freedom and tranquility. For them, it's just a passion that sees no boundaries. Rats do not like to deny themselves, including in small things. They are constantly haunted by the fear of poverty and disappointment.

Rats, ”Remi continued. - Everything we do, we take. I'm tired of picking up, father! I want to create things! I want to create something new in this world!

To scatter money is also their vice, nevertheless, they are contradictory and always doubt whether to save money for old age or to indulge their whims. The second option turns out to be more acceptable, and representatives of the sign say goodbye to finances quickly. The habit of stocking up, and no matter what, is in the blood of the Rats, but the accumulated is not stored for long. Going to giveaways, buying unnecessary things, creates the feeling of a great deal and is satisfying.

Rats show a passion for the unknown, the mysterious and the unusual. They are firmly convinced that vampires and ghosts exist, therefore they are not averse to retire in a remote area and start solving another mystery. It is possible that the famous Count Dracula was born in the year of the Rat. Nevertheless, age-old dust is harmful to health, therefore, it is not necessary to stay in places clogged with trash for a long time, and fresh air will help restore strength for further exciting investigations.

Rat and money

Rats have a dual attitude to money and are very afraid of losing it. Believe that they have a supply for a rainy day, and in such a size that the descendants will get it. The Rats have money in a safe place - somewhere behind a stone wall. Nevertheless, having taken a part from there, it cannot stop. Finances begin to decrease with great speed, because the Rat is not used to denying himself anything.

This sign is distinguished by greed, and not by reason. Living on a grand scale today, without savings, can turn into bankruptcy. They are also extremely selfish in their motives. For example, a gorgeous gift on the occasion and without, you can regard as a deposit for the future, which will have to be returned without fail.

Be sure that you will be friends with the Rat for many years if you never ask her for a loan.

Thanks to natural cunning, the Rat is ahead of colleagues at work.

Rat at work, profession

The Rat's independence is an obstacle to teamwork. The position of a laboratory assistant or clerk is also not for her. The reason is not the ability to obey. If the Rat occupies such positions, it is only for reasons of his own safety. This sign tends to criticize everyone and everything. He is not satisfied with incompetent subordinates and even bosses. The Rat is not able to keep silent, since she is a born intriguer and loves to dissolve her tongue. Therefore, it is better to stay away from such colleagues.

The undoubted advantage of the representatives of this sign can be considered the desire for creativity. The rat is capable of creating something new, interesting, and can intrigue. She has everything worked out to the smallest detail, everything is at the highest level. In professional circles, with the help of creativity and a responsible approach, the Rat will always crowd out less talented colleagues. Thanks to her natural cunning, she is ahead of the rest and comes to the finish line first! However, material benefit plays an important role in the work, because you cannot live on enthusiasm for a long time, especially with such a scale with which the Rats are used to living. Sometimes these people, for the sake of profit, attract others to their work, but they reap the laurels alone.

Remi's new job was sniffing food all day. And not just any food, but spoiled food. Day after day, a seemingly endless line of rats lined up in front of him with smelly scraps raised up for him to sniff. Yes, it is: Remi became the main poison tester in his clan.

The rat also succeeds in intellectual work. Among the faces of this sign there are excellent businessmen, writers, as well as art workers.

Rats can also be: accountants, politicians, entrepreneurs, salespeople, journalists, musicians, critics, sales representatives, artists, traveling salesmen, writers, financial and legal advisers, businessmen. The professions are also suitable for them: anesthesiologist, criminalist, volcanologist, detective, pathologist and spy. Under a certain set of circumstances, the Rat is able to sink to the very bottom, becoming a drunkard, a prostitute, a moto, a usurer or a swindler.

The rat is a reliable and loyal friend

Friendship with the Rat

People of the Rat sign are excellent and reliable friends and acquaintances, you can always rely on them, even in a difficult situation. A rat, having a highly developed intuition, will always understand whether a loved one needs a heart-to-heart talk or not. However, these people often feel jealous of a friend's career and success. In this situation, they move away, avoid the person. Generally speaking, the Rat is a reliable companion who will always be there in difficult times.

Love in the Life of the Rat

Rats are interesting people. They are full of emotions, attractive and capable of arousing passion in the opposite sex. In their lives, passion is directly intertwined with love. Usually the Rat rushes between two partners and often finds itself in desperate situations that end in rupture and loneliness. She feels that she is not understood, but she will never take the first step towards a meeting.

In general, the sign is extremely selfish, but not in love. When it comes to feelings, the Rat's generosity has no limit. Depending on the situation, the representatives of the sign can try on the role of the victim and the role of the attacker. That's right, because this sign has sado-masochistic inclinations and can endure a lot, just not a relationship without passion.

Without thinking twice, Remi tore at Linguini's hair. His head jerked forward, and without warning Linguini imprinted a juicy kiss on Colette's lips.

Rats remain faithful, if, in addition to feelings, there is also mutual understanding, therefore you should not disappoint them, so as not to suspect afterwards of treason. Rats will never accept criticism regarding personal flaws and appearance. For example, if you do not like a new tie or skirt of a loved one, which does not go well with your wardrobe or look vulgar, believe me, the Rat will find a lot of arguments and convince you. This sign has a developed imagination and is invincible.

The rat shows seriousness in almost everything, with the exception of love. Believe me, you won't be bored in a relationship with this sign!

You will immediately understand that you are loved by the Rat.

You will definitely find out if the Rat loves you. Moreover, any whim, any request of the object of desire must be fulfilled. The lover of this sign must also have a kind of madness in order to go to the impossible to maintain a relationship. Incredible sensations, a sea of ​​emotions await you next to the Rat. The Rat will go for treason only under certain circumstances, will regret what he did and, after remorse, will apologize. If the partner deceives, he will not do well - the Rat will engage in terror. A break will be provoked if things take an undesirable turn, but the oriental sign will make someone else guilty.

There, in the middle of the doorway, stood Remi, mustering all his courage into a fist. He was ready to create, and nothing could stop him.

Give the Rat only unusual gifts, you can even useless ones, for example, an antique piece of jewelry or an exotic item. Place, time and packaging do not matter. It is enough that no one has such a thing.

The rat will really like an abandoned house, where you suddenly dare to bring it, an old library with a large layer of dust and medieval literature, or an impromptu dinner in private by candlelight. Originality and originality will definitely make you stand out from the crowd of fans. But for the announcement of the upcoming separation, it is better to choose a boring place. For these purposes, a visit to boring relatives, better than yours, or another, no less boring place, is suitable.

Rat Man

Men of the Rat sign are distinguished by a romantic character, therefore, with them, the opposite sex will always be in a world of mysterious dreams, far from the real world. However, everything will end in a very banal way - the Rat, without undue modesty, will invite the girl to bed, destroying the castles in the air in her head.

The Rat man is purposeful, patient and never gives up before the vicissitudes of fate, without complaining and showing an enviable calmness. Emotions are not peculiar to him, and intuition helps to anticipate difficulties. The rat always takes action even before the onset of problems!

Remi was heading straight for a giant waterfall! He began to row as hard as he could in the opposite direction, but the current was too strong for the little rat. Screaming, he fell off the book and fell into the raging waters.

Finally the stream calmed down a bit and Remi managed to climb the book again.

The stronger sex of this sign in most cases has a conservative character and does not tolerate moralizing. Wait for a sharp rebuff! If the Rat man is angry, decisive action will follow from him. The ability to think outside the box gives him the ability to get out of any situation without any problems. The rat is calm only outwardly, but inside it constantly fluctuates and argues with itself. The ability to understand his subtle nature will help a woman find a good lover, family man or just a friend in her life. In sex, the Rat man is the leading partner.

The Rat man takes action before the onset of problems

Rat woman

The female rat, incredibly attractive to men, seems outwardly tender and soft, hiding a calculating character under this mask. She is an extremely passionate nature, moreover, she often releases her claws.

The Rat Woman is full of charm, flirtatious, surprisingly feminine, therefore, to be liked by men, she does not have to have a model appearance. A lady born in the year of the Rat may also have masculine traits, for example: perseverance, decisiveness, independence, energy, purposefulness. In addition, she is not burdened by hard work and various obstacles. The disadvantage is inconsistency and rapid mood swings. Nevertheless, the Rat is a skillful lover, caring mother and faithful spouse. She always has time for the housework, putting children and family in the foreground. Rats most often marry early. A man, by marrying a Rat, will receive a wonderful housewife who maintains perfect order in the house, loves and collects art objects, rare jewelry, interesting books. You can always find the latest household appliances and electronics at the Rat. Perhaps her house will keep some secrets.

The Rat Woman is full of charm and surprisingly feminine

Rat child

A child born this year is in close spiritual connection with parents, needs care much more than little representatives of other signs. He is often considered spoiled, but this is far from the truth. It's just that Rat children feel much calmer with constant interaction with their father and mother. Preschoolers may feel insecure, so people seem humble and quiet. Parents, in turn, are obliged to teach the little Rat to love himself, not to doubt his own abilities, to show that it means a lot to the family and society. In general, the kids of this sign are quick-witted and purposeful, therefore parents are obliged to strengthen positive qualities and develop them in the right direction. Studying a Rat child is easy and does not cause problems and hassle to anyone. They are passionate about the humanities, fine arts and literature. Nevertheless, the child of this sign is restless and undisciplined.

Rat in sex

Physical contact is important to the Rat. If they are absent or imperfect, then the Rat becomes irritable, she is haunted by worries about this. Sex for the Rat is a kind of game, full of noise, captivating, emotional, always leading to success. In sex, the eastern sign is selfish and insatiable, therefore, leaving a partner after several sleepless nights is within normal limits. The feelings of a recent lover are secondary to her. In addition, in pursuit of new pleasures, the Rat does not think about the consequences at all.

With a sense of humor and enthusiasm, the Rat is easy to please. One sexual interest is replaced by another, but after the breakup, friendship always remains. Such are the Rats! Deep emotional attachment is unusual for them.

A safe bet in sex is a promising partner, with whom the Rat will not only have physical contact, but also go out into the world. However, it is not always clear whether the Rat just needs numerous entertainments or a constant lover.

A rat in a bad environment begins to inherit the negative character traits of family members

Rat family life

Rats try to keep privacy away from the eyes of the people around them. They are not interested in other people's affairs either. The family influences the character of the sign. A bad environment leads to the fact that the Rat begins to inherit the negative traits of relatives, to go the wrong way. She is always worried about outside opinion, which throws her out of balance. Your own family, in which you need to live, is clearly organized. Order is intertwined with fantasy. Sometimes it may seem that the Rat lives badly, but this is only the first opinion. The eastern sign develops its own schedule for the family, where everything is spelled out: washing children, cooking a steak, cleaning, and more. The rat is an unusually good and respected parent. The child is always under her control, and she herself is an excellent role model. Nothing is easier and more important than preparing food for your child, feeding him and helping to solve problems.

The world we inhabit belongs to the enemies, ”said Django. “We need to be on the lookout at all times. We have to stick to our tribe, Remi. In the end, we are all we have.

Rats feel comfortable and happy in the family if their children were born in the year of the Rabbit, Sheep, Ox, Rat or Boar. It is difficult to raise the always elusive Monkey child. The snake is a naughty sign for the Rat. The Tiger and the Horse are too freedom-loving, and the Dragon tries to dominate the parents. Coping with a Dog is also difficult, since there is no mutual understanding between the child and the parent.

The Metal Rat is unpredictable and difficult to understand

The nature of the sign of the Rat, depending on the elements

Black (blue) Water Rat

Водяная Крыса блещет своим воспитанием. Она мила, обходительна и романтична. Черная Крыса эмоциональна и знает чего хочет, у нее всегда есть цель. Влюбившись, она не останется без внимания объекта мечтаний. Для него она полна шарма и обаяния. Любовь Крысы не знает запретов. Мощная интуиция помогает предугадать желание партнера и вовремя ответить взаимностью. В карьерных вопросах Водяная Крыса не слишком честолюбива в отличие от представителей других стихий. Для нее нет ничего недостижимого. Первое место в жизни представителей знака занимают любовь и творчество. Черная Крыса всегда спокойна, держит дистанцию в сложных ситуациях и контролирует свои чувства.

Green Wood Rat

Representatives of this sign are the most constant of all Rats, in addition, they are loyal in relationships and by no means frivolous. These people are reasonable, practical, reliable and do not live in a world of illusions. Romanticism and entrepreneurial spirit complement each other perfectly. You can rely on the Wood Rats, as they make true friends - loyal, generous and sincere.

Yellow Earth Rat

This Rat has little ambition. She is careful, loves to work, is proud of her achievements, knowing that she received everything thanks to painstaking and perseverance. He always puts family and care of those who are dear in the first place. Takes maximum pleasure out of life. The character is positive.

Entrepreneurship helps the Fire Rat reach heights in business

White Metal Rat

Metal endows the Rat with ambition, the desire to achieve its goals and never give up. The sign has a sick vanity. The desire to get rich pushes him to big things, makes him work day and night, to achieve high results, despite the difficulties. A bright sexual temperament dampens the desire for high career growth. This is reflected in personal life, which always fades into the background. White Rats are unpredictable and difficult to understand.

Red Fire Rat

The sign is wayward and unpredictable most of all. The Fire Rat is a passionate person who actively participates in all areas of life. Developed intuition and enterprise help her to achieve heights in business. Manipulations are also great. The Fire Rat is charming and can captivate, but does not keep loyalty for a long time. Her promises are often empty. It is interesting to communicate with these people. They are endowed with a great sense of humor. It's never boring next to such a Rat.

The order of the years of the Rat according to the elements:

  • Jan 31, 1900 - Feb 18, 1901 Metal Rat
  • February 18, 1912 - February 5, 1913 Water Rat
  • February 5, 1924 - January 23, 1925 Wood Rat
  • January 24, 1936 - February 10, 1937 Fire Rat
  • February 10, 1948 - January 28, 1949 Ground Rat
  • Jan 28, 1960 - Feb 14, 1961 Metal Rat
  • Feb 15, 1972 - Feb 2, 1973 Water Rat
  • February 2, 1984 - February 19, 1985 Wood Rat
  • February 19, 1996 - February 6, 1997 Fire Rat
  • February 7, 2008 - January 25, 2009 Earth Rat
  • January 25, 2020 - February 11, 2021 Metal Rat
  • Feb 11, 2032 - Jan 30, 2033 Water Rat
  • January 30, 2044 - February 16, 2045 Wood Rat

The Rat's character is also greatly influenced by the date of its birth according to the European horoscope.

Rats by zodiac sign

The character traits of the Rat are influenced not only by the year of birth, but also by the date itself, therefore, the signs of the European horoscope should be taken into account when assessing the behavior.


Purposeful, independent and strong personality, often showing aggression. Aries-Rat always strives for independence. This is an active and energetic sign. Doesn't start a family early. He always lives in the present, making plans for the future, without going into memories of the past.

Rat Taurus

Has a pronounced charisma and charm. A wonderful conversationalist who captivates anyone. He knows how to negotiate with people, find interesting topics for conversation, nevertheless he is arrogant and keeps his distance. Thanks to the Rat, Taurus is hardworking and can achieve a lot in life.

Gemini Rat

Activity and cheerfulness are the main features of Gemini born in the year of the Rat. They perceive obstacles in their path with some irony and easily overcome them. The Gemini Rat is sociable and knows how to persuade. The sign lives in a fantasy world and tries to take everything from life.


A rat born in July has a complex character. Often not confident in herself, takes everything to heart, suspicious, but does not show it. Creativity is close to her in spirit. She is creative, her work is fruitful. The Cancer Rat has sensuality.


Leo's character is also difficult. These people are selfish and want to see benefits in everything, in addition, they can cheat in order to get what they want. They put themselves above the rest and are ready for anything to move up the career ladder.

Rat Virgo

Virgo maintains order in everything. This also applies to life in full, which is planned for several years in advance, and the household. The family is above all for the representatives of the sign. Coziness is very important for them, and even in small things. They are endowed with sexuality, but they are not always able to use it.

Aquarius-Rat is prone to adventures and loves to travel


The Libra Rat has many positive qualities. They are characterized by tenderness and tact. They love and know how to work, respect loved ones and value family. These are sensual natures. Nevertheless, they often take offense, even take revenge. If you hurt them, you can face cruelty and rudeness.

Scorpio Rat

Scorpio's intelligence and insight can be envied. These people are born manipulators and often weave intrigues, therefore, when faced with them on the path of life, you should be more careful. Aggressive nature often interferes with friendship. The Scorpio-Rat family is loyal and will do everything possible to make the other half happy.

Rat Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a rather friendly sign, sociable, they try to be on good terms with everyone. They are energetic. Their gift of persuasion makes them great leaders and HR managers. At the same time, Sagittarius do not know how to plan their expenses.


Capricorns of this sign do not succumb to emotions. They are balanced and know how to reason correctly. They make excellent family men and loyal friends. Despite the loving and tender nature, it is difficult to start a serious relationship, as they are very shy and indecisive. For this reason, they are often lonely.


A sign striving for knowledge and self-development, which has no time to sit still. Aquarius-Rat always clearly follows the goal, not retreating a single step. High intelligence and sharp mind help him to achieve success in his career. Often these are irrepressible travelers and adventurers. In family life, they are fickle.


Pisces born in the Year of the Rat are mysterious and attractive. They constantly help people or save someone, without pursuing any self-interest. It is comfortable to work with them and pleasant to be friends with. But in love they do not have constancy, which prevents the creation of a lasting union and trusting relationship with a partner.

Compatibility Rats

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility
PigPig 5/5
DogDog 5/5
RoosterRooster 5/5
MonkeyMonkey 3/5
GoatGoat 4/5
HorseHorse 4/5
Dragon Dragon 5/5
SnakeSnake 3/5
RabbitRabbit 3/5
Tiger Tiger 5/5
RatRat 5/5
Bull Bull 5/5

Rating Rats

Russian professional tennis player
1 Place
Professional Basketball Player
2 Place
American actor and filmmaker
3 Place
Egyptian tennis player
4 Place
American actress
5 Place
American media personality
6 Place
American comedian and actress
7 Place
American professional baseball pitcher
8 Place
American professional baseball pitcher
9 Place
Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB)
10 Place
American actor
11 Place
English actor
12 Place
American banker
13 Place
American gridiron football player
15 Place
American television journalist for the ABC News
16 Place
British television producer
17 Place
British professional tennis player
18 Place
American professional golfer
19 Place
Senior United States senator from North Carolina
20 Place
American professional golfer and TV golf analyst
21 Place
56th speaker of the United States House of Representatives
22 Place
American singer
23 Place
24 Place
American politician
25 Place
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
26 Place
columnist at theGrio.com
27 Place
English musician and media personality
28 Place
Austrian billionaire motorsport executive
29 Place
American model
30 Place
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