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Horoscope month For sign Libra

TODAY 25 July 2021. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 8 August.

The beginning of the month at the Libra sign will begin with good luck in the areas of love and creativity. The first and second days are favorable days for all criteria. Good luck and a dream come true. This is the time for gifts of fate and awards. The fifth number of stars warn you that a break in relations with a partner may occur. On the fifteenth and sixteenth try not to sign any documents. The nineteenth and twentieth will be a favorable time to solve legal matters, enter into creative alliances and open restaurants. On the twenty-first and twenty-second, surprises and happy twists of fate are likely. Don't talk too much! From the twenty-third to the twenty-sixth, troubles await you with partners in marriage or business, and they will not be lucky either. Please remain vigilant!

Business Horoscope

The best day of the first half of the month for Libra will be the 6th. A big breakthrough awaits you. In addition, you will not miss the opportunity to eliminate your competitors and enemies, to get the truth from secret ill-wishers, thereby paved the way for yourself to success. Plan for this very day important meetings, negotiations and deals. From the 14th of this month, you can start working on long-term projects that have allies and receive the necessary funding. In the second half of the period, you will be invited for an interview.



In the first half of the month Libra will be full of energy and strength, which Mars will help to spend wisely. You will finally find harmony, become less nervous and more energetic. In the second half of the period, your immune system will be at its best, so do not be afraid of any viruses, fungi and bacteria. However, you should be wary of getting injured, such as a bruise or fracture, especially in the late afternoon.


Love horoscope

Free Libra will become bolder this month and confess their feelings to the one to whom they have long been fed, and unplanned and spontaneously. This frankness will help flare up a whirlwind romance. In addition, an acquaintance with a person who will deserve attention is expected. If you are a couple, then the first half of the period will be a turning point for your union. Fateful events will take place, after which you will start everything from scratch. In this regard, in the third decade, translate your long-standing intentions into reality, without relying on the opinion of your partner.


Moon calendar

On the sixteenth day, the Moon is in the III quarter and wanes. The day is quite moderate, calm and harmonious. Man today is spiritually cleansed. Various physical activities are recommended to normalize health. Keep calm, balance and inner comfort. Try not to show anger, aggression and envy, do not go to extremes.

The day is suitable for the conclusion of marriage unions, which are based on respect and equality. Be sexually restrained today. Dirt on clothes on the 16th lunar day is a sign of spiritual impurity. The energy center is the spleen. Symbols of the day: Ladder to Heaven, Butterfly, Dove. Stones: pearls, emerald, charoite, tourmaline.

Moon calendar

Day 16

Today 25 July.
Age of the moon 16.4 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 379989.22 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151940234 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 13:50:46, 8 Aug 2021.


Rating Libra

Chief Executive Officer of VMware
1 Place
President of the European Commission
2 Place
President of General Motors
3 Place
President and CEO of Walmart
4 Place
co-founder and CEO of Lyft
5 Place
Chairman of Unined States Securities and Exchange Commission
6 Place
7 Place
8 Place
9 Place
10 Place
Hedge Fund Manager
11 Place
co-founder, chairman, and co-chief executive officer of Netflix
12 Place
President and CEO
13 Place
14 Place
President and CEO
15 Place
Speaker of the New York State Assembly
16 Place
President of Russia
17 Place
Chief Executive Officer of MUFG Union Bank
18 Place
Vice President–elect of the United States
19 Place
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
20 Place
Governor of Alabama
21 Place
Co-founder of PayPal
22 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Longbow Asset Management
23 Place
Chief Executive Officer of BioNTech
24 Place
Chief Executive Officer
25 Place
Chief Executive Officer of SoftBank Group
26 Place
27 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Albemarle
28 Place
American neurosurgeon, medical reporter, and writer
29 Place
CEO of Marriott International
30 Place
Alena Potapova

Development Director