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Rat and Rat


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Rat and Rat Compatibility

The compatibility of a Rat man and a Rat woman is quite high. In general, the couple can turn out to be interesting, there are bright prospects in their relationship. At first glance, the representatives of this union lack the ability to complement each other, it is important for them to learn how to soften sharp corners.

Rat and Rat

By the nature of the Rat man and the Rat woman, they are very similar, therefore, various quibbles are often observed and common claims are put forward. To maintain a relationship, partners will have to be patient.

If there are any quarrels, then the Rat man and the Rat woman can easily make peace through the bed. The stormy sex life of this couple smooths out all the problems and makes the partners forget about the difficulties. Both the man and the woman here love romance, beautiful paraphernalia.

In the case of more obvious problems, the bed will no longer correct the situation. In this regard, it will be necessary to look for some other loopholes to preserve the union.

The Rat has a desire to be a leader in its blood, so people born in a year under the auspices of this animal can hardly give in and almost never control themselves.

The strongest relationships develop among those who try to compromise by sacrificing their own principles.

The Rat man is sociable, usually he has a lot of friends and acquaintances. He likes noisy companies and feasts. Also, men willingly show passion, and when they really fall in love, they lose their heads. For the sake of the chosen one, they are ready to commit even the most insane acts.

In turn, inconsistency is considered a weak point. Sometimes Rat men are drawn to various adventures, in which they go beyond the boundaries of everything that is permitted. At the same time, such partners do their best to preserve the old relationship.

The Rat Woman is more calm, peaceful, practical, stable. She likes to plan everything in advance and weigh the decisions she makes. She seeks to provide not only prosperity, but also cares about personal peace. Such women hate jealousy, it is important for them to feel free.

By their nature, the ladies born in the Year of the Rat are quite economical. However, they never spare money for their own appearance. In this case, Rat men behave irresponsibly. They are quite lazy, frivolous and reckless.

Rat Man and Rat Woman

Love compatibility

The compatibility of a Rat woman and a Rat man in love is high, since both representatives of the couple are very charming. In addition, they are strong on the emotional side of the issue. It is easier for such chosen ones to find a common language with each other, so sometimes serious conflicts can be avoided. Relationships will not do without some difficult moments, but in general they can be called perfect.

The partners manage to keep the right balance between passion and idyll. Their feelings are fueled by new emotions and minor disagreements. Rat men and Rat women do not like to be alone, they are always attached to their partner. Both are always trying to prove to each other leadership and importance. Because of this, scandals appear, which in some cases end in parting.

Marriage compatibility

Rat + Rat compatibility in marriage is average. The weak side of such a family union is the way of life and the upbringing of children. The Rat man and the Rat woman are excessive, show emotions, restless, impetuous in statements, impatient.

As long as there are no conflicts at home, understanding and romance flourish in relationships, but in the event of a quarrel, the atmosphere begins to resemble a fire. Spouses quickly boil, at the same time they expect support and mutual help from each other.

In order to achieve the best compatibility of the Rat man and the Rat woman, certain conditions must be observed. Each spouse should have a sense of a hobby that can be distracted and switched to. In addition, it is necessary to find a common hobby in the family so that it brings them together in difficult moments.

Rat and Rat Compatibility

Sex compatibility

The compatibility of a Rat woman and a Rat man in sex is high and can serve as an example for many. Partners in bed feel each other very well and try to satisfy all desires. Their intimate life cannot be called boring, since bold experiments are constantly present.

The compatibility of a man and a woman born in the year of the Rat is very high on the physical plane. It will help maintain even those relationships where there are no strong romantic feelings. Usually, all quarrels in a couple lead to intimacy. The Rat Woman and Rat Man both are wonderful lovers. They can even not live together, but only meet for the sake of satisfying sexual needs.

At the same time, when one partner starts to get bored, he looks for a more vivid experience. This is due to the hot temperament of people born in the year of the Rat.

Against the background of quarrels, love triangles often arise. As soon as one representative of the couple feels that his physical needs are not being met, he decides to cheat. The latter are mainly prone to male Rats, and women tend to wait for the situation to improve.

Friendship compatibility

Rat + Rat compatibility in friendship is pretty good. Such people always have many friends, but only a few real friends. When a Rat man and a Rat woman converge in friendly relations, warmth and absolute trust are observed.

It may seem to many that there is intimacy between such friends. In fact, they have a strong spiritual bond.

Problems can arise if Rat men and Rat women violate each other's personal space. Their friendship will immediately go wrong when the blanket begins to be pulled in one direction. Also, quarrels arise when openly voicing each other's shortcomings.

Business Compatibility

The compatibility of a Rat woman and a Rat man in work is considered amazing. Such colleagues always stand up for each other. They can equally work hard on a project and do nothing. However, these conditions are met if little depends on the Rat man and the Beauty woman in the company.

People born under this sign are smart enough, calculating, adventurous and cunning. They can often find a way out of a deadlock. In work, intellectuality is always manifested, most often preference is given to mental work.

If the family organizes a common business, then competitors need to be afraid of the new company. When the Rat + Rat tandem is present, breakthrough power is created that can drive out all competitors in the market.

Rating Rats

CEO of Google (Alphabet Inc)
1 Place
American politician
2 Place
U.S. representative from California
4 Place
Russian professional tennis player
5 Place
American actor
6 Place
Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Facebook
7 Place
American actor and filmmaker
8 Place
American actor and activist
9 Place
American professional baseball pitcher
10 Place
American actress
11 Place
American gridiron football player
12 Place
British-American businessman
13 Place
American physician
14 Place
American professional golfer
15 Place
Senior United States senator from North Carolina
16 Place
American professional golfer and TV golf analyst
17 Place
56th speaker of the United States House of Representatives
18 Place
American professional basketball player
19 Place
South Korean actress
20 Place
Chinese singer
21 Place
American football wide receiver
22 Place
Chief Executive Officer
23 Place
co-founder and CEO of Lyft
24 Place
American politician
25 Place
Former Chief Executive Officer of Twitter
26 Place
American football wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL)
27 Place
English actor
28 Place
French actor
29 Place
American writer
30 Place
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