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Home prices broke records in May
28 July 2021
Home prices records House prices continue to rise as strong demand is stronger than weak supply. In America house prices were 16.6% higher than in May last year. This is believed to be the biggest result in the last 30 years of the&n
Shopper losses as a result of covid-related fraud prime $500 million
27 July 2021
The rise of fraud According to the Federal Trade Commission, losses to victims of fraud related to the Covid virus have risen above $500 million, as scammers defraud people using a variety of deception schemes ranging from online shopping, travel, e
Facebook unveils innovations for Tokyo Olympics
24 July 2021
Facebook updates for the Olympics Facebook has unveiled Tokyo Olympics-inspired changes to its social networking sites, the company said in a statement on its website on Friday. It said in a statement published on the company's website on Friday. A
U.S. purchases another 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer
24 July 2021
COVID-19 vaccine The US administration has purchased a further 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccine from a US company and its German partner BioNTech. This was confirmed by White House press secretary Jennifer
Joe Biden unveils strategy to combat gun crime
13 July 2021
Fighting crime US President Joe Biden has unveiled a new strategy for the US administration to tackle the rise in gun crime, which includes hiring more police officers. On Monday, the US leader held a meeting at th
Fireworks in New York on Independence Day dedicated to the success in the fight against the pandemic
5 July 2021
US Independence Day Americans celebrated a major bank holidays, US Independence Day, on Sunday. In New York, in light of the success of the coronavirus vaccination, a long-standing tradition was revived w
New York authorities to move pandemic fighters' monument after protests
3 July 2021
Pandemic fighters' monument The "Circle of Heroes" monument to pandemic fighters, protested by residents of Battery Park City, New York, will be relocated. It was announced by neighborhood leader George James Tsunis at a meeting that lasted several
Biden says U.S. lockdown not needed again
19 June 2021
COVID in U.S. US authorities predict that the US will not need a second lockdown due to the spread of an Indian mutation of a new coronavirus, the World Health Organization's new Delta strain. US President Joe Biden said this&nbs
Forming a relationship only from the age of 18
14 June 2021
Marriage from the age of 18 A bill passed by the state Assembly has been sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo, making it possible to solemnise a relationship only from the age of 18, with no exceptions. In 2017, a law wa
Fraudsters received $400 billion in unemployment benefits
13 June 2021
Unemployment benefits Fraudsters have stolen $400 billion in unemployment benefits that the US authorities have assigned to citizens. This amount represents almost half of all payments sent to unemployed Americans. Most
Target and Amazon hold Prime Day sales
12 June 2021
Sales for Prime Day Amazon Prime Day 2021 is officially set for 21-22 June. Although the date is still a long way off, some discounts are available now. This is the first year of Prime Day in June. Historically, it has
New Yorkers keep wearing masks
15 May 2021
A pandemic in New York City Most New Yorkers continue to wear masks, despite US President Joe Biden's announcement that it is now OK to be outside without them, and fully vaccinated Americans can take them off even indoors. A very strict mask regim
New York plans to be fully open by 1 July
2 May 2021
Lifting restrictions As of 1 July, the city should fully return to its pre-Soviet life. This was announced today by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to his schedule, restaurants, stadiu
Robots are trusted with money management
8 April 2021
Analyzing the past year of the COVID-19 epidemic and the beginning of this year, it is worth considering the topic of financial management, but not within the global world, but within the personal finances of a person and a family. If you touch on t
Security in New York has improved
21 March 2021
Crime is down According to the police department, in February the total number of crimes committed in the city was 26.5% lower than a year earlier. This was primarily due to a drop in the number of thefts (down 40.45%) and robberies (down 32.7%). T
An 'air train' to be launched between New York City and LaGuardia Airport
21 March 2021
AirTrain in New York The long-planned LaGuardia AirTrain is about to become a reality. On what this "air train" will be. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has completed its review and consultation on the project and said it could move forwa
New York landlords 'hang on' to empty flats until rents rise
17 March 2021
Empty flats in New York City The pandemic has emptied the city and rental prices have fallen to their lowest levels in years. But according to a new report, New Yorkers may have trouble finding these flats on the market. New York landlords are remo
American optimism about the economic situation and the COVID-19 epidemic
15 March 2021
Despite the fact that the one-year pandemic throughout the world and America, including, continues, according to a recent poll, Americans look to the future with great optimism and hope. As more and more vaccines become available, this optimism also
Venture capital investments in women's startups
9 March 2021
Analyzing the reporting year 2020 for women's startups and the impact of the pandemic on them, data were obtained from the agencies that are worth considering in detail. If we consider women investors, then it should be noted that this phenomenon ha
New Yorkers will have to get covid passports to enter arenas and concert venues
6 March 2021
Covid passport introduction The new Excelsior Pass programme for events is already in pilot mode. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday the rollout of a new pilot program that will require New Yorkers to have some sort of covid pas
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