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US GDP forecasts lowered by several reputable firms at once
14 September 2021
US GDP forecasts down The US economy is set to decline sharply in the third quarter Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Oxford Economics and the Atlanta Fed have all cut their GDP growth forecasts sharply in recent weeks. The effects of the rapid spread
Jerome Powell confirms in Jackson Hole the start of the Fed's buying cuts this year
28 August 2021
Fed buying cuts in 2021 In an online conference replacing the traditional one in Jackson Hole, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced the start of asset purchase rate cuts this year. Major stock market indices, the Dow Jones, S&am
Brent rises to $66.38 a barrel
23 August 2021
Brent price today Oil prices rose on Monday after falling for seven consecutive sessions, the longest such period since February 2018. The market was supported on Monday by reports that Chinese authorities were able to contain a new wave of COVID-1
Fed cancels offline meeting in Jackson Hole
23 August 2021
Встреча не состоится The Fed has cancelled the US economic policy conference in Jackson Hole and will instead be held online on 27 August. Here's why investors should pay attention. On Friday, the Federal Reserve
US inflation continued to rise at a high rate in July
12 August 2021
Inflation rises The US Department of Labour said on Wednesday that consumer prices rose 0.5% last month, slowing down from June's 0.9% increase. Economists' forecasts came true. The release of US inflation data for July was the key event for financ
Progress in the U.S. economy again
10 August 2021
Progress in the economy Two Fed officials noted progress in the US economy on Monday, predicting when the central bank will begin cutting bond purchases and raising the benchmark interest rate. On Monday, US stock indices were affected by
European Commission starts looking into Facebook's acquisition of Kustomer
3 August 2021
Facebook and Kustomer The European Commission (EC) on Monday began examining the impact on the European market of Facebook's acquisition of Kustomer, headquartered in New York, which specialises in creating to
AstraZeneca will continue to seek certification for its vaccine in the United States
29 July 2021
Vaccine certification British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will continue to push for certification of its vaccine by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company's chief executive, Pascal Soriot,
The Fed is not considering a rate hike, noting the strengthening US economy
29 July 2021
Strengthening the US economy At the end of the meeting, the Fed reassured financial markets by stating its commitment to maintaining current policy and zero rates until substantial progress on inflation and employment. The Fed do
US labor market could fully recover from pandemic losses in 7 months
5 July 2021
Labour market Reports from the US Department of Labor show a good rate of decline in the unemployment rate and a recovery in American employment. Economists see clear signs of a full "pre-pandemic" recovery in the&
Stock indices rise after Jerome Powell's statements to Congress
23 June 2021
US inflation surge Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, speaking to a House subcommittee, reiterated that the current spike in US inflation is temporary and due to last year's fall in prices. T
Fed moves closer to interest rate hike due to rising inflation
17 June 2021
Interest rate hike At the end of the meeting, the Fed brought the timing of the interest rate hike closer to 2023 from 2024. The US central bank also raised its forecast for overall inflation to 3.4%. The stock market w
U.S. annual inflation accelerated to 5% in May
11 June 2021
Annual inflation US inflation data for May showed a jump of 5% year-on-year, the highest since the summer of 2008 and worse than the 4.2% figure in April. That said, some economists be
G7 countries reach historic agreement on minimum tax for large corporations
7 June 2021
G7 agreement The G7 countries this weekend signed an agreement on a minimum global tax of 15% for large companies. It is expected to affect companies such as Google and Facebook, and make it harder to evade higher taxes through offshore co
Global inflation hits highest level in 12 years
5 June 2021
Inflation in the world The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which has 36 member countries including the US, Canada, the UK and Germany, reported a rise in inflation to 3.3% in April, the fastest
U.S. defence spending in 2022 will be $752.9 billion
29 May 2021
US defence US President Joe Biden's administration has requested $752.9bn from Congress for national defence spending, of which $715bn should go to the Pentagon. This was stated in a DOD statement released on Friday. The DOD stressed that the budge
Americans' expectations for year-ahead inflation rose to 3.4% in April
11 May 2021
US inflation Recent surveys have shown that Americans are bracing for the highest inflation rate since 2013, according to the New York Fed. Rising prices could slow the pace of the US economic recovery. Concerns about rising inflation in the US int
Biden plans to raise the capital gains tax rate to 39.6%
23 April 2021
Tax rate increase President Joe Biden is preparing to propose next week an increase in the basic tax rate for millionaires, raising it from 20% to 39.6% to fund a new government programme, the American Family Plan, which cou
US retail sales set a record in March
17 April 2021
Economic recovery Record high retail sales in March and sharply lower jobless claims in the USA show strong positive momentum from mass vaccination in the country, reduced quarantine restrictions and government incentives with direct
Fed chief thinks a digital dollar could be launched
12 April 2021
Digital dollar Jerome Powell thinks a digital dollar launch is possible, but a decision has not yet been made. The Federal Reserve (Fed), which serves as the country's central bank, is studying the possibility of launc
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