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Compatibility Leo & Leo

Lion and lion


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Compatibility description

Leo and Leo Compatibility

Two Lions are an explosive and highly unusual couple. The sun, which guides them, endows the representatives of this sign with energy, external brightness and a desire for power. They will constantly wonder which of the "kings" is in charge. These are two strong leaders, ready to compete and fight to the last drop of blood. There are two options: to give primacy to an older and wiser partner, or to a stronger sex, if the woman does not mind.

Lion and lion

Relationships in this tandem are complicated by the fact that partners are not able to admit their own mistakes. Many of them are committed due to the impulsiveness and impatience of Leos. Everyone believes that he is the exceptional hero that everyone should admire. At first, Lions see their own reflection in each other, so they are fascinated by their partner. However, over time, disadvantages surface.

Representatives of the element of fire are constantly striving for new impressions, glory and the conquest of human hearts. And compatibility can only be successful when the Lions understand that they will not be able to defeat each other.

Only by combining their own efforts, partners realize that together they are able to achieve much more. A pair of Lions always arouses admiration and envy among others.

Leo man and Leo woman

Business Compatibility

Business compatibility of Lions, according to the horoscope, is at a low level. It is difficult for them to work together calmly, as everyone strives to be in charge and to command. Often, Leos, who are distinguished by great ambitions, occupy leadership positions. Working as a subordinate insults their self-esteem.

A woman and a man-Leo are capable of working together in creative projects. Their disadvantage is the lack of rational thinking and the ability to abstract and look at the situation from the outside. The strong point of the representatives of this zodiac sign is assertiveness and the ability to bring things to an end. Partners are able to attract the right people to the project and find opportunities to end up with a quality product or service.

Love compatibility

Lions intuitively feel each other, as in any society they immediately attract attention to themselves. At the beginning of a love relationship, their compatibility is off scale, they are full of passion and sexual attraction. Both the woman and the Leo man at this stage are trying to demonstrate their best qualities.

The relations of the representatives of the fire element resemble a theater. A Leo woman, having met a man of the same zodiac sign, sees her reflection in him. They fall in love almost immediately, although some couples can look closely for a long time, not believing that in front of them is a complete reflection. This identity of partners can create problems. It is difficult for Leos to cope with their own selfishness, so everyone seeks to pull the blanket over themselves.

When Leos are satiated with each other, there comes a decisive moment in their relationship. It is highly likely that the lovers will mutually begin to annoy each other's chatter and endless admiration for themselves. The young representatives of the fire sign will quickly finish this novel and go in search of someone who is able to appreciate them. More mature Leos will find a "stumbling block" in the relationship and can promptly change their own behavior if they are mutually interested in this.

Leo and Leo Compatibility

Sex compatibility

The horoscope foresees good compatibility of a couple in sex, since Leo are passionate natures and tireless lovers. Both do not like long foreplay, so as not to waste time preparing for sex. Signs boast overflowing sexual energy, so they have intimacy with enviable regularity.

Leos strive for power even in bed, so partners will have to negotiate and periodically change roles. The mutual admiration of the couple leads to an increase in the satisfaction of each of them. However, Lions' intimate relationships are subject to cyclicality. At first they spend day and night in the bedroom, and then they cool down and get fed up with each other. After some time, passion is kindled with renewed vigor, and lovers again indulge in pleasures.

The Leo woman and man do not have to explain to each other what they want. It is difficult for them to regulate the strength of their passion and intensity, so their proximity resembles a fire, fireworks and natural disaster at the same time. It is important for a couple to learn to yield in other areas of life, as their bright intimate life may be too short due to their morals.

Marriage compatibility

The union of two Lions resembles an Italian marriage, with vows, loud conversations, crying, arguments and laughter. Both representatives of the sign express their opinion with expression and vividly. Therefore, the spouses will solve all the questions and misunderstandings that have arisen right away, they will not accumulate grievances.

In marriage, quarrels are possible, but the family union of the signs of the fire element is still assessed as strong. After the conflict, a loud reconciliation will follow, and the Lions understand that they were created for each other.

Problems in family life can begin when one of the spouses has to sacrifice their own interests. Lions are not used to giving in, but if they learn to do this, the marriage will be strong and long. Another sore spot for a couple is separate leisure. Leos are independent individuals and will gladly go to a party without a soul mate, so as not to share their portion of compliments. Such trips can lead to treason, as Leos are susceptible to flattery and skillful flirting. When the other half finds out about infidelity, they will immediately put an end to family life. Therefore, it is better for a couple to stick together and not go separately to events.

Leos love a beautiful life, so they strive for financial independence. Representatives of this sign are able to throw money to satisfy all their whims. Spouses will have to learn how to plan the family budget together, otherwise problems may arise. Children usually appear in such a marriage late, as the partners are preoccupied with themselves. Leos love to travel, attend events, and spend time with friends. However, in the upbringing of the heirs, the Leo man and the Leo woman adhere to the same views. Both will become loving and understanding parents who, at the first call, are ready to help the child. A woman, first of all, is concerned about the health and intellectual development of the baby.

Friendship compatibility

If both Leos realize that in a friendly relationship they have nothing to share, then their friendship can be very favorable. Representatives of the fire element have similar temperaments and the same outlook on life. The Leo man and woman love adventure and outdoor activities, so they are interested in together. They will come up with a thousand and one ways to amuse each other. Such friends will always help out and tell the truth, as well as discuss their love affairs with pleasure. In this matter, Leo will understand the Lioness like no other. The friendship of these signs depends on the personal horoscope of each of them and the life circumstances under which they met.

Rating Leo

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29 Place
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30 Place
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