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Tim Cook explains why Apple avoids the word 'metaverse'
2 October 2022
Company against the word 'metaverse' Apple CEO Timothy Donald Cook says the word 'meta-universe' is still misunderstood by the vast majority of the world. He said this in an interview with the Dutch news agency Bright. "I always think it's importan
Mark Zuckerberg names Apple as Meta's main competitor in the meta-universe market
31 July 2022
Meta and Apple In a recent speech to his staff, Mark Zuckerberg described Apple as Meta's main rival in the meta-universe race. The announcement appeared on The Verge's website. Zuckerberg believes that whoever win
Apple report beats Wall Street estimates
29 July 2022
Report from Apple Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares rose after the report as Q3 fiscal 2022 revenue and earnings beat market analysts' forecasts. However, Apple's sales growth is slowing sharply and experts expect lower electronics sales due to inflation.
Apple report: iPhone revenue up 5.5%
29 April 2022
Apple's earnings Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares fell on the post-market after its financial report for the first three months of 2022. However, sales revenues rose and, like earnings, beat Wall Street estimates. Apple on Thursday reported result
Apple's quarterly revenue reaches a record $123.9bn
28 January 2022
Quarterly report According to Apple's report, which was released on Thursday 01/27/22, Apple's revenue for the past quarter was up 11% year-on-year to almost $124 billion, setting a new record. For the three-month reporting period ending December 2
Apple shares at an all-time high
8 December 2021
All about Apple stock today Apple (AAPL) shares rose 3.54% on Tuesday, to a new all-time high price of $171.18 per share. At the same time, the market capitalisation of the world's most valuable company surpassed $2.84 trillion, bringing Apple close
Apple has warned its suppliers of a potential drop in demand for iPhone 13
2 December 2021
Demand for iPhone 13 Apple (AAPL) shares were down 2% at the premarket on Thursday amid news that the company told its parts suppliers that demand for the iPhone 13 range had slowed, as reported by Bloomb
Apple missed sales projections for the first time since 2018 due to supply issues
30 October 2021
No supply problems Apple (AAPL) shares fell in the postmarket Thursday after the company's quarterly report disappointed investors. Apple expects strong sales in the holiday quarter, but cites huge amounts of losses due to a global chip shortage. S
Elon Musk backs game developer Epic Games in dispute with Apple
31 July 2021
Elon Musk for justice Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has criticised Apple, backing Fortnite video game developer Epic Games in a dispute with it. "The commission on the Apple App Store has de facto become a global tax on the internet," the entrepre
Apple report: Сompany warns investors of a decline
28 July 2021
Apple report Apple's financial report showed strong growth compared to last year's difficult year, beating forecasts and reporting a 50% increase in iPhone sales. However, this growth rate will not continue due to chip shortages. Apple (AAPL) repor
Conflict between Apple and Facebook
8 February 2021
Conflict between the companies Relations between Apple and Facebook have heated up over the past month as the social network is very unhappy with the new privacy rules that Apple plans to introduce starting with iOS 14.5 operating system. Starting
Apple shares declined in the last quarter
27 November 2020
AAPL shares declined At Wednesday's closing, Apple's shares (AAPL) were worth $116, up 58% since the start of the year but fell 18% from a high of $137.5 on 2 September. The growth peak coincided with the split of Apple shares four to one on 31 Aug
Apple showed new devices at its presentation on 10 November
11 November 2020
Third autumn presentation by Apple The announcement began with a revolutionary product that will completely change the computer industry. We are talking about the Apple M1 processor. Firstly, it is based on a 5-nanometer process and contains 16 mill
Sales on iPhone decreased
1 November 2020
Apple income and profit Apple reported an increase in quarterly sales of its devices and services. Although, iPhone sales fell very strongly, as consumers expected the new iPhone to be the fifth generation of communication. Shares (AAPL), which had
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