Record-breaking CEO in Late 30s Outearns Apple's Tim Cook in Recent Year
Record-breaking CEO in Late ...
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Record-breaking CEO in Late 30s Outearns Apple's Tim Cook in Recent Year

5 July 2023
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Record-breaking CEO in Late 30s Outearns Apple's Tim Cook in Recent Year

Unveiling the Elite Nine

Rarely do CEOs earn over $100 million in compensation, but Kiwi Camara, CEO of CS Disco, is among the select few. With a salary of $500,000 and $109 million in stock options, Camara's total compensation places him among the top-earning CEOs.

The Remarkable Story of Kiwi Camara

What sets Kiwi Camara apart is not just the magnitude of his compensation but the unique circumstances surrounding it. His total compensation combines a salary of $500,000 with $109 million in stock options, catapulting him into the league of highest earners.

It's important to note that Camara's stock options will only become available under specific conditions, such as meeting share price targets by 2032, a company acquisition, or his departure from the company. Nevertheless, this substantial increase in pay is truly remarkable for Camara, especially considering he earned only $1 million in 2021.

The Elite Group of Nine

Camara stands among a select group of nine CEOs who have secured compensation packages exceeding $100 million. Leading the pack is Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone, with an astounding $253 million pay package.

Within the exclusive circle of nine CEOs who have been awarded compensation packages exceeding $100 million, three are affiliated with S&P 500 firms: Sundar Pichai (Alphabet), Michael Rapino (Live Nation), and Safra Catz (Oracle). The remaining CEOs in this group are Stephen Scherr (Hertz), Barry McCarthy (Peloton), Douglas Ingram (Sarepta Therapeutics), and the recently appointed CEO of Pinterest, Bill Ready.

A Decline in $100 Million+ Earners

While the number of CEOs surpassing the $100 million threshold remains significant, there has been a decline compared to the previous year. In 2021, more than 20 CEOs earned over $100 million, whereas in 2022, the number decreased. This decline can be attributed to reduced equity awards for executives, as reported by C-Suite Comp.

Increased Scrutiny of Executive Pay

Investors and shareholders are becoming more skeptical of executive pay. A recent case illustrates this trend, with Netflix shareholders rejecting a pay package for co-CEO Ted Sarandos. The proposed package included a $3M salary, $20M in stock, and a potential $17M bonus.

Persons9 and Companies9 in the news

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Sarepta Therapeutics
1 place
President and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment
2 place
3 place
Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Hertz
4 place
co-CEO and Chief Content Officer at Netflix
5 place
Chief Executive Officer of Peloton
6 place
CEO of Oracle
7 place
CEO of Google (Alphabet Inc)
8 place
Chairman and CEO
9 place
CS Disco
2 place
4 place
6 place
7 place
8 place
Rating companies
16 Mention
14 Mention
13 Mention
Ford Motor Company
11 Mention
JP Morgan Chase
10 Mention
9 Mention
White House
8 Mention


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