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US GDP declines 1.4% year-on-year in the Q1
28 April 2022
United States economy Gross domestic product (GDP) in the United States declined by 1.4% year-on-year in the Q1 2022. This follows preliminary data released by the US Department of Commerce on Thursday. "Real GDP decli
After Fed minutes: market can expect more losses
7 April 2022
Fed minutes US indices fell on Wed. after the release of the minutes of the Federal Reserve's March meetings this year, which suggest more monetary policy tightening than the market is prepared for. You can read about yesterday's trading on our Glob
Rising gasoline prices in the United States: Joe Biden to speak on 31 March
31 March 2022
Petrol in the US US President Joe Biden will give a speech at the White House on Thursday on measures to combat rising petrol prices in the United States. This is stated in the schedule of the US leader circulated by the White House on Wednesday. B
US inflation reached 7.9% in February
11 March 2022
US inflation The US consumer price index rose by 7.9% in February against forecasts of 7.8%, the biggest annual increase since Jan. 1982. After a jump of 7.5% in January, US cons
US annual inflation accelerated to 7.5% in January
10 February 2022
Inflation in January Annual inflation in the US in January this year rose at the fastest rate in 40 years, up 7.5% from the same period in 2021. In monthly terms, consumer prices rose 0.6%, according to data released by the
Job advertisements in New York will soon include a range of salaries
29 January 2022
Vacancies in New York City The new law requires most of the city's hiring companies to list expected salaries as of May 15. New York City will require employers to include minimum and maximum salaries in job listings starting this spring, a require
Indices on US exchanges fell
19 January 2022
Stock market Key indices on the New York Stock Exchange fell on Tuesday towards the end of the trading session. According to The Wall Street Journal, the decline was dictated by a rise in long-term US government bond yields. The U.S. Dow Jones Indu
Senators propose measures to reduce US dependence on rare earth supplies from China
15 January 2022
The US and China US senators have introduced an initiative in the upper house of Congress that would reduce US dependence on supplies of rare earth elements from China by restricting their use, as well as creating a str
Unemployment in the US rises again
13 January 2022
US unemployment The number of jobless claims in the USA rose to 230,000 last week against a forecast of 200,000, which some analysts attributed to the COVID-19 Omicron outbreak. The US Department of Labour today published i
Jerome Powell says high inflation hurts US economy
11 January 2022
Inflation in the United States High inflation is becoming a burden on American citizens and is hurting the economy of the United States. US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chairman Jerome Powell
IRS tax filing season begins Jan. 24
11 January 2022
Tax returns The IRS announced on Monday that it will begin accepting personal income tax returns for 2021 on Jan. 24.T he administration has already warned that this will be a "frustrating" period for taxpayers str
The yen is at a one-month low and the euro is falling
29 December 2022
Currency values The euro fell ahead of Wednesday's holiday and the dollar dropped the yen to a one-month low as investors ignored rising demand for Omicron in another bout of risk appetite. Risk-sensitive currencies such as the Australian dollar ro
US running out of funding for Biden’s goal of millions of vaccine jabs worldwide
28 December 2022
The United States is running out of money to fund the Biden administration’s goal of vaccinating millions of people across the world against COVID-19 by the middle of next year, according to a new report.  In September, Whi
Lithium prices rise due to demand for electric cars
14 December 2021
Demand for electric vehicles The lithium price index from research firm and price provider Benchmark Mineral Intelligence doubled from May to November and is up around 240% year on year. Th
US workers could get the biggest increase in a decade because of rising inflation
9 December 2021
Wage hikes US workers expect one of the biggest pay rises in more than a decade, reflecting an extremely tight labour market and the highest inflation in 30 years. A Conference Board surve
Stocks rise for 3rd day and the number of job vacancies in the US remains at record levels
8 December 2021
Omicron not a threat to the economy US stock futures are set for a third day of gains as investors bet that the new variant of the COVID-19 virus will not pose a major threat to the economy. Major futures indices are anticipating a 0.3% rise at the
Fed says new COVID Omicron strain threatens economic recovery
30 November 2021
New strain and the economy US stock indices fell before the opening of trading on Tuesday after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said risks to the economy, the labour market and inflation could become more difficult with
Pennsylvania prepares for energy price spike
29 November 2021
High prices for utilities According to the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC), there are areas in Pennsylvania where energy costs are rising by 50%. "Most regulated electricity generators in Penn
Joe Biden appoints Jerome Powell to head Fed for another four years
23 November 2021
The future of the stock market President Joe Biden has reappointed current Chairman Jerome Powell to head the Fed for the next 4 years. Experts say that this will generally have a positive effect on the market, alt
U.S. inflation rate rises to highest in 30 years in October
11 November 2021
Record jump Inflation in the US in October rose more than economists expected the consumer price index reached 6.2% compared to the forecast of 5.8%. The stock market reacted by lowering indices, with analysts expecting the negative t
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