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Horoscope week For sign Virgo

TODAY 28 February 2024. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 10 March.

Virgo will be in a very businesslike mood this week, yet you are able to show enthusiasm and benefit those around you with family and household chores. This type of activity is important when building trusting and close relationships in your family and with your loved one. Finally, understand that there are times when it is more interesting and useful to show attention and give gifts than to receive them. The middle of the week is best for business. It is on these days that you have to make a difficult decision based on facts of dubious origin received from third parties. Therefore, remembering the proverb "Measure seven times, cut once" will not be superfluous. If in doubt, postpone solving the problem at least for a while.

Business Horoscope

The situation at work at Virgo this week will contribute to the normalization of the financial situation. Expect big cash receipts on Tuesday. Perhaps it will be an unexpected bonus, or a long-forgotten debt will be returned to you. On Friday, your business partners will make a lucrative offer, which you can accept immediately, as it is reliable. On weekends you can work at home, for this there will be all conditions - silence, calmness and high efficiency.



Virgo during this period, the stars recommend not to lose heart. You are in a bad mood, which does not reflect in the best way on your well-being, and even contributes to its deterioration. You are in a vicious circle. If you have a feeling that you are sad, bored, that your hands give up, try to distract yourself, do something pleasant for yourself, change your usual environment, business, social circle. You can acquire a new hobby, even one that you would be ashamed to tell a loved one about.


Love horoscope

This week, Virgo have a great chance to be known as the minions of fate and arrange their personal life, if it has not yet taken shape. The time has come for the transition to a new stage in the development of your relationship. Wait for the declaration of love, which will certainly be. During this period, you are restless and looking for adventures that you will find, but not on your head, but for the second ninety. Keep in mind that your partner is making big plans for you ...


Moon calendar

On the eighteenth day, the Moon is in the III phase from the full moon to the IV quarter and decreases. The day shows our achievements in life, what we are inside. Assess yourself, rethink the past. You are passive today, you can succumb to someone else's influence, you are in an atmosphere of deception, intrigue, masks and seduction.

Dreams are likely to come true, so you should think about their content and see the clues. It will be beneficial to cleanse the body in any way. Try to sleep less. Treat gently. You can do your skin. The energy center on the 18th lunar day is the kidneys. Symbols: Monkey, Crystal, Mirror. Stones: spinel, lilac amethyst, opal, white agate.

Moon calendar

Day 18

Today 28 February.
Age of the moon 18.1 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 402,020 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 148,190,442 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 9:02:45, 10 Mar 2024.


Rating Virgo

Governor of Florida
1 Place
Australian film director
2 Place
American stand-up comedian
3 Place
American actor
4 Place
Russian former professional mixed martial artist
5 Place
United States senator from South Carolina
6 Place
Senior United States senator from Iowa
7 Place
American actor and comedian
8 Place
American actor
10 Place
Norwegian professional golfer
11 Place
26th United States Secretary of Defense
12 Place
13 Place
Senior United States senator from North Carolina
14 Place
English professional golfer
15 Place
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
16 Place
Vietnamese footballer
17 Place
Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives
18 Place
Canadian actor
19 Place
American professional basketball player
20 Place
German fashion designer
21 Place
American rapper
22 Place
Music executive
23 Place
co-founder of the Capital One Financial Corporation
24 Place
American politician
25 Place
American television personality and author
26 Place
American civil rights activist and politician in the state of Texas
27 Place
American track and field athlete
28 Place
American football cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL)
29 Place
American reality television personality
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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