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Horoscope week For sign Taurus

TODAY 30 January 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 20 February.

Taurus no need to assume that the people around you are as reasonable and balanced as you are in your actions. This is not at all the case - you do not need to judge others by yourself, because we are all different. Therefore, use these reasons as a guide when dealing with issues related to household chores or real estate transactions, as well as with many other global acquisitions. The partnerships this week that have not developed in the right direction up to this point will end. In solving many problems, you can see a clear way out. This will help to establish cooperation based on a long-term agreement. Everything that happens is clear to you and predictable. You do an excellent job of dealing with the fear that comes your way, and you take on the responsibility required as you get the job done.

Business Horoscope

This week Taurus will win the favor of the leadership. All due to the fact that it is your ideas that will bring significant profit to the enterprise. Even your competitors admit this fact. Some financial problems are allowed, but do not deny yourself the necessary purchases and acquisitions. Soon you will become the owner of huge profits or get a new job with great prospects. Thursday is like no other day this week for the signing of agreements and contracts. On weekends, the stars strongly recommend heading over to the shops to shop.



This week, Taurus has the most vulnerable liver, so the stars are advised to reduce the load on it, namely: stop drinking alcohol, limit fried and fatty ones, and also, if you need to take strong drugs, ask to prescribe a doctor that has fewer negative side effects effects for this organ. You may need additional medication to support liver health - try talking to a healthcare professional.


Love horoscope

It seems that Taurus will have to be alone almost the whole week, but on the contrary, it is good, since you can analyze many life moments. On Friday and Saturday, the stars guarantee a cheerful mood, because you suddenly realize that your loved one has become much more serious about you. The week is rich in sensual pleasures and pleasures. Feel free to go on vacation, invite your lover to your home - now only practice and nothing but practice.


Moon calendar

On the ninth day, the Moon is young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon, growing. This day is full of failures, gloomy thoughts, fears, feelings of anxiety overcome. Things may not go according to plan due to the surrounding negativity. Keep your feelings to yourself, be humble, take more time to work.

If you get sick that day, then for sure it is serious, therefore do not take your health lightly. Fast and do yoga to protect your energy. Avoid any mushrooms in your diet to avoid poisoning. Dreams on the 9th lunar day are not prophetic. The energy center is the chest. Symbols of the day: Milky Way, Bat. Stones: serpentine serpentine, rauchtopaz, alexandrite, black pearls.

Moon calendar

Day 9

Today 30 January.
Age of the moon 8.7 Days - growing.
Moon at 392,025 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 147,367,618 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 7:09:05, 20 Feb 2023.


Rating Taurus

Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Facebook
1 Place
Founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
2 Place
Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company
3 Place
Secretary of Department of Commerce
4 Place
Prime Minister of Australia
5 Place
Co-founder of Duke Energy
6 Place
Co-founder of Tesla
7 Place
8 Place
9 Place
Politician in Nevada
10 Place
Actress and singer
11 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Albertsons
12 Place
Australian actor
13 Place
Polish film director
14 Place
Senator from Oregon
15 Place
Executive Director of the Alliance for Coney Island
16 Place
United States Senator from Arkansas
17 Place
President & CEO of the New York Building Congress
18 Place
Mayor of New York City
19 Place
Chairman of Miami Dolphins
20 Place
Chairman of Irvine Company
21 Place
27th United States Secretary of Defense
22 Place
President of Ohio State University
23 Place
Chief Executive Officer
24 Place
Chief executive officer and President
25 Place
44th New York City Comptroller
26 Place
27 Place
Chief spokesman at Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign
28 Place
29 Place
30 Place


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