Horoscope week For sign Aries

TODAY 21 April 2024. MOON growing, NEW MOON 8 May.

The beginning of this week for representatives of the Aries sign is marked by an acceleration of most of the processes in which you are involved. This state of affairs fits into your usual life, but as a 100% strategist, you should remember that really professionals in their field are engaged in building reputation and success. Long-standing business can stop abruptly solely due to the lag of some players from your team. Do not take your hand off the pulse and constantly notify colleagues about the real course of business. You are not working in vain, and it is not for nothing that you have worked actively all this time. In addition, if you have been planning to buy a house or land for a long time, start a new business or some serious event, there is no better time than this week.

Business Horoscope

It is likely that this week for Aries will start with some troubles, so you better lay low for a while. Personal initiative, borrowed money, loans can turn into a serious problem. When exacerbating an issue, it is better to try to avoid unambiguous and clear instructions. The situation cannot be resolved on its own without the intervention of people or the cost of material resources. Try not to attend conferences and forums or participate in negotiations.



This week Aries will feel great, but remember that you need to observe the measure in everything, then not a single ailment will scare you. During this period, the lower body is vulnerable, which includes the calf muscles, feet, buttocks and thighs. You may feel discomfort from increased varicose veins, in this regard, perform relaxing massages, keep your lower back and legs warm. Thursday and Friday are suitable for starting treatment of gynecological diseases, nervous and endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders with radon baths.


Love horoscope

Aries will start a month of harmony and happiness in love on Tuesday. Venus helps this state. It helps to normalize the relationship with your loved one. The partner will become more beautiful and sexier, and his personal life will be full of pleasure, pleasant dates, a good intimate life and gifts. No quarrels are expected during this period. Lonely representatives of the sign will certainly be able to improve their personal life. The best days for love are Tuesday and Wednesday. Be careful on Thursday to avoid bumping into cheating on the love front.


Moon calendar

On the twelfth day, the young moon continues to be in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. Wisdom and tranquility reign today. Do good, show compassion, show mercy, try to rebuild a relationship, give a gift or give alms. Try not to get angry. Having quarreled on this day, it will be almost impossible to make up.

Today is the time when prayers will be answered by God. A marriage made on this day will bring happiness. Dreams can be scary, but in the morning everything will be forgotten. Eat nuts on this day, drink juices. The heart is the energy center. Symbols of the day: Heart, Chalice. Stones: pink pearls, yellow coral, mother of pearl, lapis lazuli.

Moon calendar

Day 12

Today 21 April.
Age of the moon 12.4 Days - growing.
Moon at 405,136 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 150,379,979 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 3:24:19, 8 May 2024.


Rating Aries

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
1 Place
English actress
2 Place
Chilean and American actor
3 Place
American actress
4 Place
American country music singer and actress
5 Place
American Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher
6 Place
American men's college basketball coach
7 Place
Member of the New York City Council
8 Place
American actor and activist
9 Place
American college basketball player
10 Place
Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB)
11 Place
English actor
12 Place
Portuguese tennis player
13 Place
American retired professional wrestler
14 Place
American singer-songwriter and actress
15 Place
U.S. representative for New York's 16th congressional district
16 Place
American film director
17 Place
American actress
18 Place
American actor
19 Place
American professional basketball player
20 Place
Australian women's basketball coach
21 Place
U.S. representative for Michigan
22 Place
Founder of the OutKick
23 Place
Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
24 Place
Japanese actor
25 Place
Founder of National Amusements, Inc.
26 Place
American footballer
27 Place
Chief White House correspondent for CNN
28 Place
American footballer
29 Place
American professional baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball (MLB)
30 Place


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