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Horoscope week For sign Aquarius

TODAY 30 November 2023. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 12 December.

Aquarius is expecting a very eventful week. It may seem that you are pursuing a series of failures, but this is not so. Despite the fact that the time is now quite stressful, especially psychologically, you need to gather courage and hope for a bright future that is not far off. Aquarius all promises and work to do. Get ready, because they will require a lot of effort, including physical.

As for new beginnings, then it is worth postponing. It may turn out that you burn out, or the new business partner will not be at all the person he claims to be.

Business Horoscope

Aquarius is likely to see a rise in earnings this week. Financially, signs should rely on old cases and projects, especially those where you can already get your earned money. As for the extra commitments at work, don't be afraid to burden yourself with them. This will give the guide a fresh look at you and can add a premium.

The second half of the week will be more favorable. Commercial issues will be successfully resolved, and your wallet will certainly be filled with money.



Aquarius now has a good time to take preventive measures for diseases related to the endocrine system, if this is relevant to you. Also, good results will bring spa treatment, physiotherapy, massage sessions.

The second half of the week is fraught with exacerbations of chronic ailments and emotional imbalances, so do not get carried away with alcoholic beverages as a means of relieving stress. Maybe Aquarius just needs more rest.


Love horoscope

The second half of the week helps to strengthen the already established relationship Aquarius. Do not go to extremes in matters of the heart and then quarrels can be avoided. Spend more time with your loved one.

The weekend is a good time to do your household chores. Joint activities with a partner will only improve the situation. The representatives of the sign should postpone the start of a new serious business for now.


Moon calendar

On the eighteenth day, the Moon is in the III phase from the full moon to the IV quarter and decreases. The day shows our achievements in life, what we are inside. Assess yourself, rethink the past. You are passive today, you can succumb to someone else's influence, you are in an atmosphere of deception, intrigue, masks and seduction.

Dreams are likely to come true, so you should think about their content and see the clues. It will be beneficial to cleanse the body in any way. Try to sleep less. Treat gently. You can do your skin. The energy center on the 18th lunar day is the kidneys. Symbols: Monkey, Crystal, Mirror. Stones: spinel, lilac amethyst, opal, white agate.

Moon calendar

Day 18

Today 30 November.
Age of the moon 18.1 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 397,917 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 147,519,427 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 23:32:07, 12 Dec 2023.


Rating Aquarius

Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney
1 Place
American politician
2 Place
6th Chair of the Federal Reserve
3 Place
U.S. representative for Ohio's 4th congressional district
4 Place
House Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives
5 Place
Chief Executive Officer
6 Place
American filmmaker
7 Place
Russian professional tennis player
8 Place
American actor
9 Place
American singer, songwriter, and actor
10 Place
American actress
11 Place
Film Director
12 Place
American actor
13 Place
American actor
14 Place
American football running back
15 Place
Japanese director
16 Place
Irish professional golfer
17 Place
56th speaker of the United States House of Representatives
18 Place
American political advisor
19 Place
American professional baseballer
20 Place
American inventor and businessman
21 Place
British businessman
22 Place
American sports broadcaster
23 Place
Chairman and CEO
24 Place
American professional golfer who plays on the LPGA Tour
25 Place
American politician
26 Place
Сhief financial officer of at Autodesk
27 Place
United States Senator from Texas
28 Place
Reality star
29 Place
American football coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL)
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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