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Horoscope week For sign Pisces

TODAY 25 May 2022. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 30 May.

If Pisces has been striving for a certain goal for a long time, now the reward will surely find its winner. As for long trips, it is better to refuse them this week, otherwise obstacles and failures are guaranteed to you, which will further affect your status and position in society.

At work, Pisces expects a tense work rhythm. You will even be able to charge the whole team with your energy. Beware of hard physical work. If you overwork, health will immediately make itself felt. And if you save your strength, then the fuse will be enough not only to move mountains, but also to inspire others. Do not forget that you are a creative person and capable of a lot, no matter how modest and quiet you may seem in appearance.

Business Horoscope

Pisces this week it is better to refrain from large investments. Also, you should not take out loans, borrow. Otherwise, then you will not be able to pay on time or the money will come with obstacles, which means you will have to overpay.

As for the situation in the service collective, it will not develop in the best way. However, do not be upset if your ideas are not appreciated the way you would like. What did not work out now will certainly come true a little later. Everything has its time.



Lack of vitamins can cause general weakness, weakening of the immune system and even dizziness in Pisces. Against this background, the occurrence or exacerbation of various diseases is likely. Some of them will become chronic. To strengthen the body, the stars are advised to make fortifying infusions based on honey, garlic juice, rose hips or elecampane. Keep in mind that outdoor walks and sunbathing are also beneficial.


Love horoscope

Pisces need to spend more time with family this week. It is possible that in the near future you yourself will need the help of close relatives, so it would be good to establish contact with them in advance.

Don't be too hard on parents and kids. Make their dream come true and your efforts will soon be rewarded. It is likely that relatives just want your attention and they want to be together more often.


Moon calendar

On the twenty-fifth day, the Moon is in phase IV from the last quarter to the new moon, decreases. A day of immersion in oneself, inactive, contemplative. It is advisable to be alone with yourself somewhere in nature. Try to stay closer to the water, go to a bathhouse or pool. Listen to your inner voice, think about life. Forget about worldly vanity and empty space. Hurry, but slowly.

Therapeutic fasting is recommended. Give up cigarettes, coffee, drugs that cause addiction. The energy center on the 25th lunar day is the ears. Symbols: Sink, Vessel with "living and dead water", Turtle. Stones: pink marble, heliotrope, cat's, tiger's and hawk's eyes.

Moon calendar

Day 25

Today 25 May.
Age of the moon 24.6 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 383,259 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,537,427 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 11:32:11, 30 May 2022.


Rating Pisces

Chairman and CEO of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy
1 Place
2 Place
3 Place
4 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer
5 Place
Chairman and CEO
6 Place
Chairman of the Board of Seagate Technology
7 Place
CEO and co-founder of the Spotify
8 Place
9 Place
Co-founder of Robinhood
10 Place
11 Place
United States Senator from Arizona
12 Place
Founder and CEO of the Luminar Technologies
13 Place
Chief Executive Officer of General Electric
14 Place
United States Senate majority leader
15 Place
Visual artist
16 Place
Co-founder of Nike, Inc.
17 Place
Chief Executive Officer and chairman at Southwest Airlines
18 Place
Infectious disease epidemiologist
19 Place
20 Place
Member of United States House of Representatives
21 Place
22 Place
Member of the United States House of Representatives
23 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Christie's
24 Place
Founder of News Corp
25 Place
Deputy Attorney General
26 Place
27 Place
Chief Government Relations Officer of Ford
28 Place
Former Senator of United States from Tennessee
29 Place
EVP, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain at General Motors
30 Place


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