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Horoscope week For sign Scorpio

TODAY 25 May 2022. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 30 May.

This week, the stars recommend Scorpio to take a look inside yourself and see if you have any ready-made and already formed ideas. Be more careful at the beginning of the period. You cannot share unfinished thoughts, thereby preparing your competitors an excellent ground for plagiarism. The end of the week will not affect the course of the situation in any way, so it is better not to wait for improvements. Rely on your intuition, especially if there is not enough financial support for upcoming projects or buying something worthwhile for everyday life. One of the current circumstances in your personal life is probably wrong, try to sort out all the mistakes in a family council, which is best held on the weekend.

Business Horoscope

This week is difficult for representatives of the Scorpio sign. The struggle with your long-standing competitors may become aggravated due to the enticement of employees to your side. If the company's situation is unstable, it can alienate even long-term partners who simply choose to step back from the fighting. Business does not tolerate emotions, in it everyone pursues exclusively their own benefit. The atmosphere will stabilize a little on Wednesday. Despite the difficulties, relations with colleagues are still friendly. At the end of the week, ask yourself about buying new equipment for the office.



The week is relatively good for Scorpio in terms of health, apart from Sunday and Wednesday. These days you will be haunted by nervous tension, pain in the lower back, teeth and joints. In these cases, the Lyapko applicator will come to your aid. On Thursday try to cleanse blood vessels and blood using special herbal remedies, nettle or ginkgo infusion. Engage in outdoor breathing and exercise during this period for balance and excellent performance. The week is also suitable for preventive measures against helminths.


Love horoscope

Scorpio week does not bode well. During this period, you will change your attitude towards love, which will entail changes in your personal life, but not now. The feeling of love for the representatives of this sign will be something romantic and sublime. Nevertheless, your requirements are high - most do not reach the ideal. The relationship is complex. Previously, all conflict situations could be resolved using sex. Now love for you is a higher feeling. The stars warn that on Tuesday and Sunday, you should be wary of quarrels with your partner.


Moon calendar

On the twenty-fifth day, the Moon is in phase IV from the last quarter to the new moon, decreases. A day of immersion in oneself, inactive, contemplative. It is advisable to be alone with yourself somewhere in nature. Try to stay closer to the water, go to a bathhouse or pool. Listen to your inner voice, think about life. Forget about worldly vanity and empty space. Hurry, but slowly.

Therapeutic fasting is recommended. Give up cigarettes, coffee, drugs that cause addiction. The energy center on the 25th lunar day is the ears. Symbols: Sink, Vessel with "living and dead water", Turtle. Stones: pink marble, heliotrope, cat's, tiger's and hawk's eyes.

Moon calendar

Day 25

Today 25 May.
Age of the moon 24.7 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 383,357 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,537,981 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 11:32:11, 30 May 2022.


Rating Scorpio


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