Delivery of parcels from the USA is inexpensive and in a short time
Delivery of parcels from the...
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Delivery of parcels from the USA is inexpensive and in a short time

27 July 2022
3 min.
Delivery of parcels from the USA is inexpensive and in a short time

Nowadays, ordering a gift, a device or a batch of goods from the USA is easier than ever before.

Studying the products of American online stores, you see how easy and cheap it is to buy things in the USA. However, there are difficulties in delivery, because delivery can cost a lot of money, and you don't want to miss such an opportunity.

For many private clients and small companies buying products in a small assortment and quantity, the difficulties and prices of transportation mean a lot when these clients and firms are thinking about buying. We will explain how to profitably buy and deliver goods from the USA.

How to choose and order a product from the USA?

It is best to select modern models on the official websites of American companies or large online stores that have huge discounts due to sales volumes. It often happens that the same product in an online store can be sold at a price much lower than that of the manufacturer.

After selecting the goods and paying for the order, you can resort to the help of logistics companies that have contact with online aggregators, or ask a friend or business partner to arrange the shipment (if any). But in such schemes, a lot of intermediaries are usually involved in the person of:

  • warehouses of the association;
  • Carriers who postpone the shipment until the goods are fully completed;
  • Companies that help to process documents, etc.

As a result, the delivery time increases and the delivery price increases.

How to order delivery from the USA without intermediaries?

Our truly special company, Qwintry, was created specifically to solve the difficulties of delivering small shipments of goods from the USA in parcels. The capabilities of our website allow you to go to the main online stores in the USA, pick up, pay and deliver goods to any country. With all this, there is no need to choose a carrier, issue new documents or contact some organizations.

Qwintry will do everything without risks and in a short time. The site has everything so that the client does not waste time and money.

Is it possible to order a parcel from the USA?

Specifically, transportation in the package format is the main advantage of Qwintry. In addition to a large selection of boxes, we provide:

  • assistance in buying an assortment;
  • another package specifically for easily damaged items;
  • storage;
  • providing you with information online;
  • insurance;
  • the function of replacing the receiving address, etc.

Attention! The maximum weight for any delivery by anyone is 40 pounds (18 kg).

In order to use the Qwintry service, you only need to register on this site. And Qwintry will deliver a gift on time and with pleasure for a special day or just at will.

How to order a gift from the USA 2022?

Online stores in the USA provide the widest selection of goods for a gift for and without it. Because gifts are always needed, both in human relations and in business. So, gifts are needed for: birthdays, weddings, special days or a big, perhaps even a landmark business event. Qwintry has been engaged in cheap and fast delivery of gifts from the USA to any country for many years.

Attention! When ordering gift delivery, be sure to study the laws of 2022, which regulate the transportation of specific items across the border!

Order a package from the USA anywhere!

Qwintry, without resorting to intermediaries, will help you in a short time and safely deliver a purchase from the USA in almost any direction. The list of our counterparties is constantly increasing. We study the wishes of our customers and constantly improve the service, offering new addresses and opportunities. Write to us and your offer will be definitely considered.

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