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A new Digital Customer Experience starts today, and it’s only the beginning
A new Digital Customer Exper...
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A new Digital Customer Experience starts today, and it’s only the beginning

11 February 2021
4 min.
A new Digital Customer Experience starts today, and it’s only the beginning


It’s time to redefine what the industry considers IT support

A new kind of support experience: Data-Driven, personalized, intelligent

HPE Pointnext Services announces the first phase of its journey to redefine support.  HPE is launching an all new, customer-centric support experience that will drive innovation and help customers solve problems faster by accelerating access to information and expertise.

The new definition of support

It’s time to redefine what the industry considers IT support, emphasizing the use of innovative approaches to increasing operational efficiency, improving the performance of IT and freeing time of IT staff to focus on business value.  In order to remain competitive, businesses need a modern, data-driven support experience that accelerates time to resolution. They need a personalized, experience that anticipates their individual needs and provides rapid pathways to relevant expertise. Above all, they need a support experience that helps them find better ways to operate, instead of simply fixing IT when it breaks. By leveraging HPE experts, intelligence, AI and machine learning capabilities, HPE Pointnext Services is actively driving innovation and helping customers move their businesses forward.

“Most customers still have reactive support, which may lead to expensive preventable downtime. With all the data and AI capabilities in support offerings today, customers may not only eliminate down time, but also optimize systems to get the most out of their technology investments.”

Rob Brothers, Program Vice President for Datacenter and support services, IDC

In the first stage of HPE Pointnext Services’ transformation, customers will enjoy a new experience that will help them positively impact their business outcomes moving forward.  We are introducing a new digital customer experience as well as enhancements to our flagship support service – HPE Datacenter Care.

New Digital Customer Experience

  • Entirely new customer engagement platform recognizes who you are and provides personalized alerts.
  • Re-imagined case management with inline solution recommendations.
  • Virtual Agent provides powerful troubleshooting support and seamless transitions to a live support agent.
  • Visual Remote Guidance can optionally be enabled for digital collaboration with HPE experts through live video. 

“The HPE digital experience is modern and intuitive to use. The new case management system and knowledge suggestions on the customer engagement platform are going to help us get to a resolution faster. We are excited about this platform, and we look forward to the new capabilities coming in future releases.”

Gerry Bravo, Systems Engineer, Enloe Medical Center

Enhanced HPE Datacenter Care Experience

  • Software asset and license management provides a deep, data-driven understanding of your digital footprint, helping you save money on licensing fees and reduce compliance and security risks.
  • Lifecycle management and performance optimization solutions provide data-driven environment profiling and performance assessments for high-performance compute, storage, or SAP HANA environments, as well as access to specialist resources who work to enhance your workload goals and stability.
  • Assigned Technology Specialists provide initial platform assessment and case analysis and become a permanent part of your HPE support team; they perform quarterly reviews, provide recommendations for improvement, and oversee case management to ensure rapid resolutions to the most complex issues.

HPE Datacenter Care has a proven track record of helping customers proactively optimize their IT, mitigate risk and quickly resolve issues that arise.  In a recent TechValidate survey, 98% of surveyed organizations rate HPE Datacenter Care Services’ access to HPE expertise as valuable.1

V33, an international manufacturing company, selected HPE Datacenter Care to help overcome challenges such as:

  • Reducing unplanned downtime
  • Quickly resolving critical IT issues
  • Augmenting IT resources and accessing technology expertise

With HPE Datacenter Care, V33 was able to:

  • reduce the time to complete new projects by over 75%
  • reduce time to resolve IT issues, reduce operational costs and reduce time to meet compliance requirements by at least 51%

“We rely on the HPE Datacenter Care team to ensure improved planning and compatibility during maintenance operations.  HPE Datacenter Care helps provide rapid response and resolution to IT issues.”

Sylvain Beaufils, IT Manager, V33 2

Stay tuned to learn about all the changes at HPE Pointnext Services delivering an edge to cloud performance and innovation engine that leverages real time insights to deliver a digital, personalized, and intelligent customer experience.

View the support experience of the future now.  Welcome to the journey!

1 TVID: 88B-272-5B8

2 TVID: 40D-7B1-3D7



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