POTANIN Vladimir
POTANIN Vladimir



Fortune($mln)~: 32900

Date of Birth: 3 January 1961

Age: 63 years old

Place of Birth: г. Москва

Height: 179

Weight: 75

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Activity: Vladimir Potanin & nbsp; in his youth

Profession: Businessman



Vladimir Olegovich Potanin is an incredibly remarkable representative of our time, one of the wealthiest inhabitants of the planet Earth. Since 2015, according to Forbes magazine, it has strengthened its position among 200 businessmen with billions of dollars in assets. In the world ranking of billionaires, he sits at 60th place, with a capital of $ 15.4 billion.

Entrepreneur Vladimir Potanin


Potanin's childhood can be considered happy. He is the only and long-awaited child of a family not with an average income.

Vladimir was born in 1961, in the capital of the USSR, on January 3. The head of the family, Oleg Romanovich & ndash; represented the interests of Russia, namely the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR in friendly countries, the last of which is Turkey. Tamara Ananyevna was educated and mastered the specialty of a doctor, but her main role and profession is & mdash; spouse, mother and faithful friend. She always accompanied and supported her husband.

Vladimir Potanin & nbsp; in his youth

The parents laid the foundation for their only child thoroughly. The family did not need anything, and the boy grew up unaware of something lacking, since material well-being was provided. The only task he had to cope with on his own was childhood phobias. Glimpses of a strong-willed character were noted from childhood, since the fear of the dark, which had long haunted the boy, was destroyed by independent, bold, strong-willed decisions and trainings. The desire to be invulnerable in small things pushed the guy to temporary, conscious stay in dark, confined spaces & mdash; so the main fear, the fear of the dark, was defeated.

At the end of his father's career in Turkey, having returned to their homes, the family settled in Davydkovo, a microdistrict with an elite settlement.

Vladimir Potanin


School years were fruitful, the boy grew up inquisitive, comprehensively developed. Outside the institution, Vladimir was fascinated by sports and the study of languages. Secondary School # 58 gave a good store of knowledge to the future billionaire, taught him to defend his point of view and presented friends with whom we maintain relations to this day. It is worth noting that, contrary to the current children of wealthy parents, Potanin was respectful of teachers, seriously & ndash; to study, did not differ in conflict nature and studied well.

Apparently, the school years were not ordinary, since in the hustle and bustle of life, Vladimir Olegovich Panin did not leave the teacher's illness without participation. In a desire to help the class teacher cope with a serious diagnosis, the oligarch transferred a substantial amount for treatment.


The further path after receiving a diploma at school was the best institute in the country. It is quite logical that the parents supported the admission of the only child to the elite university MGIMO of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs . In 1983, after graduating from the Faculty of International Economic Relations, he became the holder of the qualification certified `` international economist ''. It is worth noting that he never served in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Realizing the importance of mastering languages ​​for further growth, the oligarch mastered perfectly English, French, Italian.

Since time dictated its own rules, Potanin was a Komsomol member from 1975 to 1989, with a further rise to the Communist Party.


A family in which big money is spinning is always interesting to society. Women are of particular interest.

Vladimir Potanin with his first wife </ p >

For the first time, Vladimir Potanin married, as a student, a girl whom he had known since the 9th grade. It was difficult to call him a poor student at that time, but he was not yet an oligarch. Natasha was his childhood friend, at the time of the creation of the family, she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Engineers and Transport, and this friendship grew into a strong, 30-year marriage with the successive birth of three children:

  • Anastasia Potanina 1984 year

    May 6, 2021 Bloomberg estimated his fortune at $ 32,900 million

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Date of Birth: 03.01.1961. Age: 63. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.
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