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Horoscope tomorrow For sign Taurus

TODAY 26 February 2024. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 10 March.

Tomorrow, Taurus will want to have fun and have fun, but everything will be completely different. Many tasks await you that need to be solved immediately, as well as questions that only you can answer. Even unpleasant things should not be postponed until later. The sooner you start doing them, the faster you will get the desired result. Expect good news and interesting offers from old acquaintances. Discuss common goals and close plans for the future on this day. You are the source of new ideas that will appeal to everyone. Praise yourself - you deserve it. After that, others will be able to pay attention to your talents, successes and achievements.

Business Horoscope

Taurus will be faced tomorrow with a choice problem regarding relationships with business partners. There is no one to rely on this day, so all the work will completely fall on your shoulders. On this day, you will be able to maximize your inner potential and business qualities. Don't be afraid to take the initiative and share one or more fresh and original ideas with colleagues and management. You will get a great response and hope for a new field of activity, worthy rewards and interesting projects.



Taurus should be careful when taking antibiotics tomorrow, so be sure to check with your doctor first. It will be especially useful on this day to do a foot massage, which will help restore vigor and stimulate metabolic processes in the body. Be careful with sharp objects. Get enough sleep to replenish the energy you need. Drink only freshly squeezed juices, especially orange or grapefruit, but do not overdo it, so as not to provoke the development of allergic reactions.


Love horoscope

Tomorrow Taurus should take a closer look at maintaining a harmonious relationship with a loved one and understand that caring for a partner is pleasant, and the barriers between you are created only because of the blues. The object of your interests will be a person of a higher social status. Lonely representatives of this sign will be overwhelmed by a wave of new impressions. This day for a couple can be decisive and belligerent in terms of intimate relationships. Wild cats and cats will immediately turn into affectionate kittens, if they just stroke the back just a little or scratch behind the ear ...


Moon calendar

On the seventeenth day, the Moon enters the III phase from the full moon to the IV quarter, decreases. The time has come for love and inner freedom. You are relaxed and cheerful. This is the best time for festive events. Expect surprises! Nevertheless, the 17th day, if it fell on a Saturday, will not bring happiness to anyone. If it's a different day of the week, then important things and new beginnings will be successful.

Marriages made today for love will last for life. Dreams will come true, but only on the third day. It is better to eat light foods on this day. The energy center is the endocrine system, adrenal glands and pituitary gland. Symbols of the day: Bunch of grapes, Bell. Stones: zircon, hawkeye, amethyst.

Moon calendar

Day 17

Today 26 February.
Age of the moon 16.6 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 404,880 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 148,133,847 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 9:02:45, 10 Mar 2024.


Rating Taurus

American comedian
1 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Pershing Square Tontine Holdings
2 Place
American author, journalist, and professor
3 Place
American singer and actress
4 Place
American country music singer-songwriter
5 Place
British-American comedian
6 Place
Member of the California State Senate
7 Place
American rapper, singer, songwriter
8 Place
American comedian and actress
9 Place
American professional baseball pitcher
10 Place
French actress
11 Place
American football coach
12 Place
Sportscaster for ESPN
13 Place
American singer, rapper, and flutist
14 Place
American sports analyst
15 Place
American professional golfer
16 Place
American sportscaster
17 Place
English professional golfer
18 Place
Secretary of Department of Commerce
19 Place
13th lieutenant governor of Georgia
20 Place
Brazilian-American actress
21 Place
Spanish actress
22 Place
South Korean actress
23 Place
Indian filmmaker
24 Place
Indian actor
25 Place
American footballer
26 Place
27 Place
Cuban and Spanish actress
28 Place
American rapper
29 Place
American professional tennis player
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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