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Horoscope tomorrow For sign Taurus

TODAY 24 September 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 14 October.

Tomorrow for Taurus is the day of grandiose plans. Redoubled energy and determination will help you take action and finally get what you have dreamed of for so long. Perhaps not all Taurus will be able to show their great organizational talent, but some will still be smart. You can easily encourage others to do useful and important things.

There is every chance to be on top. However, you should not take matters too seriously, be more indifferent and light. However, it's up to you to decide. Seriousness is also necessary, so do not be offended if colleagues do not understand you and start joking. Sense of humor tomorrow is not your strong point.

Business Horoscope

Tomorrow Taurus is more important than ever to be organized and collected, otherwise you risk blundering. If you want to land an important job or a new project, tidy yourself up, your desk and put everything in place. Forget about conversations with colleagues and sitting on social networks for a while. Put aside less important things, and do what should have been done a long time ago.

You should not take on responsible decisions and large projects. It is better to leave independent business, the implementation of global affairs and management work until the evening.



Tomorrow can get pretty nervous for Taurus. A large number of tasks that need to be mastered at a time, responsibility and tight deadlines for the delivery of projects will not have the best effect on you. Close people will also add nervousness.

To help you, folk methods, meditation, sports and sleep. Drink mint or chamomile tea, but it is undesirable to take special sedatives. Better get in a bubble bath, drink a glass of hot milk at night and try to relax.


Love horoscope

A busy day will also affect the love front Taurus. Tomorrow you shouldn't quarrel with a loved one and tell him everything without thinking. The partner may not understand you correctly, so the main guideline for tomorrow is “caution” and “diplomacy”. Be patient, ask the person's opinion and try to spend time together without finding out the relationship. Watch a fun movie, take a bath, or give each other a relaxing massage.


Moon calendar

On the ninth day, the Moon is young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon, growing. This day is full of failures, gloomy thoughts, fears, feelings of anxiety overcome. Things may not go according to plan due to the surrounding negativity. Keep your feelings to yourself, be humble, take more time to work.

If you get sick that day, then for sure it is serious, therefore do not take your health lightly. Fast and do yoga to protect your energy. Avoid any mushrooms in your diet to avoid poisoning. Dreams on the 9th lunar day are not prophetic. The energy center is the chest. Symbols of the day: Milky Way, Bat. Stones: serpentine serpentine, rauchtopaz, alexandrite, black pearls.

Moon calendar

Day 9

Today 24 September.
Age of the moon 9.1 Days - growing.
Moon at 366,807 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 150,054,465 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 17:55:08, 14 Oct 2023.


Rating Taurus

Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Facebook
1 Place
American author, journalist, and professor
2 Place
Secretary of Department of Commerce
3 Place
American comedian
4 Place
French actress
5 Place
Sportscaster for ESPN
6 Place
American sports analyst
7 Place
American sportscaster
8 Place
Brazilian-American actress
9 Place
Spanish actress
10 Place
Chief spokesman at Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign
11 Place
American footballer
12 Place
Cuban and Spanish actress
13 Place
American professional tennis player
14 Place
Spanish professional tennis player
15 Place
CEO and founder of Circle
16 Place
Chinese billionaire businessman
17 Place
British former politician
18 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Pershing Square Tontine Holdings
19 Place
American actress
20 Place
American actor
21 Place
American singer and actress
22 Place
American snowboarder
23 Place
American political advisor
24 Place
American professional basketball player
25 Place
German actress
26 Place
American filmmaker
27 Place
French actor
28 Place
British media executive
29 Place
Politician in Nevada
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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