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Sergey Tokarev about the provision for the brand new IT university in Ukraine
Sergey Tokarev about the pro...
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Sergey Tokarev about the provision for the brand new IT university in Ukraine

27 August 2021
3 min.
Sergey Tokarev about the provision for the brand new IT university in Ukraine

Ukrainian IT experts have been highly evaluated abroad. And there is a big necessity to create modern IT institutions and provide a new system for training IT specialists. Sergey Tokarev shared objectives to set up the first computer science university and other educational projects in the IT area, AI, ML, and STEM in Ukraine and commented on specific changes to be made.

Promising Ukrainian breakthrough in IT education

Sergey Tokarev feels passionate about the IT future of Ukraine. That is why he has committed to establishing the first computer science university in the country by signing a respective memorandum with the President of the Kyiv School Economics, Tymofiy Mylovanov. As the businessman and investor states, this institution will differ from a traditional one by implementing new approaches to IT education. The American model will underlie the educational system. Also, own R&D laboratories and venture studios are to be in this brand new educational institution.

Sergey Tokarev emphasizes that Ukraine has been on the stage of IT development, and it has all potential to succeed in this direction. The Ukrainian IT experts appeal to international investors and make the country available to European and American companies. For instance, giant companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have set up their search centers in Ukraine, and foreign investments are contributed to projects. The investor also examples some statistics due to which in 2020, about 450 projects were registered in the country.

But some shortcomings should be accounted for and changed to achieve the IT transformation. The businessman points out the most significant to consider:

  • Approach to the education system in Ukraine. Here, the entrepreneur gives an example of Stanford University where STEM students can put their theoretical knowledge into practice, e.i. to bring the ideas into life. The teachers participate in their student’s development and get a profit share if the startups succeed. There is no such approach in Ukraine yet.
  • Personnel gap. The businessman notices that despite a large number of IT specialists in the country, most of them leave the country looking for better working conditions and financial motivation abroad.
  • Gender stereotypes. The co-founder of several companies finds this problem significant in STEM education. Gender balance is highly essential for productivity and a healthy atmosphere in companies.

Therefore, the establishment of the computer science university will substantially change the approach to STEM education in Ukraine. Also, it will improve the Ukrainian IT area and present Ukraine as a country with a high-level and quality of IT experts and projects with millions of capitalization, according to Sergey Tokarev.

Tokarev’s activity in IT

The businessman has made a great impact on Ukrainian IT as he has about 20 years of experience in IT. He is an investor in the Reface startup. Sergey Tokarev was the one who could find potential in the Reface project at the very early stage. And today, as a result, a considerable number of people use it around the world.

His recent achievement is Pawa, a venture studio that incorporates various Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects. Due to Tokarev, the Pawa team aims to create a center in Europe to develop business projects on AI and ML.

Tokarev is also the founder of the Roosh technological company that contains several IT startups, educational projects, and a venture fund. It has played an essential role in his activity as a businessman. In addition, STEM is FEM has established the project SHE is SCIENCE, and Tokarev is its co-initiator. This project raised the problem of gender stereotypes in the high-tech area.




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