Grizzlies Star Reminisces 2018 Draft: Luka Doncic of Mavs as Mythical
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Grizzlies Star Reminisces 2018 Draft: Luka Doncic of Mavs as Mythical

24 August 2023
2 min.
Grizzlies Star Reminisces 2018 Draft: Luka Doncic of Mavs as Mythical

The Doncic Dynasty

Long before Luka Doncic, the standout of the Dallas Mavericks, claimed four All-NBA First Team honors within five seasons, his brilliance had already shone across international courts. He illuminated the basketball scene as a star with Real Madrid, securing the EuroLeague championship and MVP title in 2018 before transitioning to the U.S. for the NBA Draft.

Even though, during that juncture, Doncic's name wasn't universally recognized, the Slovenian Sensation never wavered in his self-assuredness regarding his abilities and untapped potential.

In a recent episode of the Podcast P show, featuring Los Angeles Clippers luminary Paul George, Jaren Jackson Jr., the formidable presence from the Memphis Grizzlies, divulged his perspective on sharing the same draft class with Doncic.

"Surprised? Our class had its challenges. It was a demanding field. To be honest, not much startled us," remarked Jackson. "Well, except Luka. He was a bit of an enigma. We didn't have much exposure to his game. Our first encounter was when he stepped onto the draft bus. Remember that? He had this casual confidence, exchanged winks down the line.

"I recall thinking, 'Is he about to conquer the court or...?' None of us had seen him [in New York]. He was this sort of legend. There was talk about this force that was poised to revolutionize the game, yet we hadn't witnessed it."

Certainly, Doncic has over the past five years validated that legendary comparison. His collection of All-NBA accolades is only rivaled by his remarkable NBA playoff moments and stellar Olympic contributions. Doncic boasts an average of 32.5 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 7.9 assists in NBA postseason games, shooting at 47.3 percent from the field and 36.6 percent from beyond the arc. In the 2020 Olympics, his extraordinary display yielded 48 points in Slovenia's triumph over Argentina, equating to the second-highest individual score in Olympic history.

Given Doncic's extensive array of achievements, both within the NBA and on the international stage, one could argue that even if he chose to retire today at a mere 24 years of age, a Hall of Fame induction would be imminent. This isn't embellishment; it's a testament to his exceptional prowess, a legacy he has been forging for the better part of a decade. And remarkably, his prime is yet to unfold.

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