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Coronavirus In New York: Cuomo Calls Subway Shutdown An ‘Opportunity To Engage’ Displaced Homeless
3 May 2020
Getting the New York City subways clean and safe topped the focus of officials’ update on the state of coronavirus in the state Saturday morning. Gov. Andrew Cuomo was joined by transit leaders at the MTA maintenance f
United States missed opportunities to slow coronavirus outbreak, CDC doctor says
1 May 2020
The United States was too slow in its coronavirus response and banning travel from Europe, one of several steps officials should have taken sooner to curtail the fast-spreading virus. Dr. Anne Schuchat, the second highest ranking official at the Cen
White House believes coronavirus will be ‘largely in the past’ by summer
23 April 2020
Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday that the White House believes the coronavirus epidemic will be “largely in the past” by this summer. Pence gave the timeline in an interview with The Wall Street Journal podcast. “We t
How New Yorkers Feel About Theoretically Reopening The City Before June
22 April 2020
New Yorkers have already been cooped up in their homes for more than a month now, as part of the city's effort to stop COVID-19 from further spread. Most city and tri-state residents would agree that the closures have been incredibly beneficial and w
$100 Million Fund Created for Dead Health Workers’ Families
22 April 2020
New York Life Insurance Co. and Cigna Corp. said Tuesday they are setting up a $100 million fund to support the families of health care workers who have died treating COVID-19 patients. The philanthropic arms of the two insurers will contribute $25
Cuomo to meet with Trump at the White House Tuesday on the heels of public coronavirus spat
21 April 2020
Gov. Cuomo’s flouting coronavirus travel restrictions to visit his frenemy in Washington. President Trump plans on hosting Cuomo at the White House for a coronavirus strategy session Tuesday, extending an olive branch to the governor just a fe
Experimental coronavirus drug trial shows promising early results
17 April 2020
A clinical trial of a drug to treat coronavirus has doctors optimistic of finding a treatment to fight the global pandemic. The trial in Chicago uses Gilead Sciences’ antiviral medicine remdesivir. It involves 125 people with COVID-19 —
Dr. Oz forced to explain Fox News comments about sending kids back to school even if some die
17 April 2020
Fox News regular Dr. Mehmet Oz had to walk back comments that seemed to imply reopening schools during a pandemic is an intriguing idea. The TV medicine man suggested on the right-wing cable channel that getting kids back into their pre-coronavirus
Trump unveils ‘Opening Up America’ plan that punts coronavirus recovery
17 April 2020
When push comes to shove, President Trump would rather just pass the buck. Trump rolled out recommendations for reopening the U.S. economy on Thursday that urge caution and allow states to continue calling their own shots, backing off a previous
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