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Horoscope tomorrow For sign Aquarius

TODAY 1 July 2022. MOON growing, NEW MOON 28 July.

In recent days, Aquarius is not very happy with their financial condition and position in society, so tomorrow is the best time to strengthen their position. Tomorrow you will spark with optimism, and the determination will become simply unbending. New acquaintances and meetings will bring variety to life. You will never get bored.

There is a chance that new people will turn out to be much more interesting and important to you than you thought. Moreover, this can happen in the most unexpected situation for you: at a difficult moment at work or, on the contrary, during a trivial conversation at a party, while drinking a glass of wine without being forced.

Business Horoscope

Today, Aquarius won't be particularly happy about financial issues. It will not be possible to strengthen the financial situation. Also, the stars do not portend you manna from heaven and fireworks in the form of money. Therefore, rely only on yourself and your strength. Evaluate soberly what you really have at the moment.

Afternoon is not a good time for Aquarius in financial and commercial terms. The probability of losses is high. Therefore, postpone important business schemes and signing contracts.



Tomorrow for Aquarius will be favorable for visiting a bath, fitness or beauty treatments. However, it is important to remember that when visiting a beautician, it is better to use products that have already been tested by your skin. Otherwise, new treatments may cause allergies.

Men- Aquarius tomorrow should pay attention to their personal lives. Tidy yourself up and make love to your beloved woman. Good sex and positive emotions will perfectly keep your body in good shape.


Love horoscope

Aquarius tomorrow you should take care of gifts for your significant other. Step away from your usual practicality when choosing a presentation and give something from the heart. You will surely be able to spend profitably shopping with loved ones.

During the period of the lunar eclipse, the stars are recommended to be more careful with household appliances and watch out for children who can be naughty and hurt. Do not blame them for this, otherwise the scandal at home will simply not be avoided. Be patient.


Moon calendar

The second lunar day starts from the new moon and lasts until the first quarter (I phase of the moon). Astrologers recommend to be restrained today, not to get angry, to show generosity. The day is suitable for social events, the implementation of planned affairs. Take care of your body, choose a set of physical exercises. Pay special attention to nutrition, choose a suitable diet. Dreams won't come true today. Remember that in reality everything is easily surmountable!

The 2nd lunar day is the beginning of the path, therefore you should discard all unnecessary things, looking at the "blank sheet". The energy centers today are teeth and mouth. Symbols: Insatiable Maw, Cornucopia. Stones: chalcedony-agate, jadeite.

Moon calendar

Day 2

Today 1 July.
Age of the moon 1.8 Days - growing.
Moon at 403,849 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 152,095,076 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 17:55:26, 28 Jul 2022.


Rating Aquarius

6th Chair of the Federal Reserve
1 Place
2 Place
Head of Instagram
3 Place
Former Governor of Florida
4 Place
Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee
5 Place
Founder of Microsoft
7 Place
Chairman and chief executive officer
8 Place
Former Rally driver
9 Place
Racing driver
10 Place
American paleontologist
11 Place
Сhief financial officer of at Autodesk
12 Place
Former President of United States
13 Place
Attorney and politician
14 Place
Member of United States Congress
15 Place
16 Place
Principal analyst at eMarketer
17 Place
Songwriter, Performer, Author
18 Place
United States Senator from Connecticut
19 Place
Founder of Theranos
20 Place
21 Place
Chief technical officer at Facebook
22 Place
Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
23 Place
24 Place
Сhief executive of Ripple Labs
25 Place
Politician, businessman, philanthropist, and author
26 Place
Co-founder of Visual Supply (VSCO)
27 Place
Chief Executive Officer
28 Place
Editor-in-Chief of the Food Logistics
29 Place
Former Vice Presient of Netflix
30 Place


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