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Horoscope tomorrow For sign Scorpio

TODAY 30 June 2022. MOON growing, NEW MOON 28 July.

Tomorrow for Scorpio will not be the easiest. The stars say that all attempts to take on all matters that are not part of their direct responsibilities will not lead to anything good. Also, it is not worth it and treats its affairs with all the severity and responsibility.

Business meetings are expected, during which Scorpio will be able to show themselves and their talents as a diplomat. The day promises to be relatively calm, so the solution of any problems can be postponed until later, and with a clear conscience, do those things that bring you pleasure, joy and peace. Be light and positive, then everything will work out.

Business Horoscope

Tomorrow, representatives of the watermark should be humble and unobtrusive. Taking advantage of these qualities, Scorpio can easily instill confidence and a positive attitude in colleagues. Therefore, you can convey your most daring ideas to your bosses in the best possible way.

Attracting fortune Scorpio will help cases in which you need to make a good impression on partners, promote your ideas and projects, as well as public and social activities. You should not make spontaneous decisions and settle issues that require more time and miscalculation of subtleties.



Injuries are not excluded, especially for those representatives of the sign who cannot imagine their own life without extreme sports, adrenaline lovers and thrill-seekers. That is why the stars are advised to take special care of yourself. Serious health problems are not expected yet, but caution will not hurt either.

Scorpio it's better to skip a grueling trip or long hike. Spend this day less active, rest more and gain strength for the future.


Love horoscope

Scorpio tomorrow they will be real hedonists and will be able to fully enjoy life and the people around them. A playful mood and the ability to enjoy the little things will help them in this. So spend the day with your significant other, go to a restaurant or picnic, dress up, flirt with strangers or, conversely, your loved ones.

On days like tomorrow, everything will literally blossom, and the world will acquire new colors. Shining eyes Scorpio and their radiant smile will attract unexpected acquaintances with a good sequel.


Moon calendar

The second lunar day starts from the new moon and lasts until the first quarter (I phase of the moon). Astrologers recommend to be restrained today, not to get angry, to show generosity. The day is suitable for social events, the implementation of planned affairs. Take care of your body, choose a set of physical exercises. Pay special attention to nutrition, choose a suitable diet. Dreams won't come true today. Remember that in reality everything is easily surmountable!

The 2nd lunar day is the beginning of the path, therefore you should discard all unnecessary things, looking at the "blank sheet". The energy centers today are teeth and mouth. Symbols: Insatiable Maw, Cornucopia. Stones: chalcedony-agate, jadeite.

Moon calendar

Day 2

Today 30 June.
Age of the moon 1.5 Days - growing.
Moon at 404,343 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 152,094,266 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 17:55:26, 28 Jul 2022.


Rating Scorpio


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