Jey Uso Delivers a Crucial Ultimatum to Paul Heyman Regarding Their Destiny in The Bloodline
Jey Uso Delivers a Crucial U...
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Jey Uso Delivers a Crucial Ultimatum to Paul Heyman Regarding Their Destiny in The Bloodline

10 June 2023
2 min.
Jey Uso Delivers a Crucial Ultimatum to Paul Heyman Regarding Their Destiny in The Bloodline

Conflict and Confrontation

On the second edition of SmackDown since Night of Champions, Jey Uso's appearance promised a crucial discussion about his role in The Bloodline. With Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa present, tensions rise as Jey takes the stage to address the faction's future.

Jey Uso wasted no time addressing Solo Sikoa, expressing his disappointment over the betrayal of their big brother. He questioned whether he could ever forgive Solo for his actions. The tension in the ring was palpable, and the audience eagerly awaited the resolution of this conflict.

Heyman's Persuasion

Paul Heyman seized the opportunity to sway Jey's allegiance. He skillfully shifted the blame from Solo and himself to Jimmy, asserting that Jimmy's decisions had always determined Jey's fate. Heyman revealed Jimmy's resentment towards Jey, fueled by the knowledge that Roman Reigns sought to groom Jey as his successor. The truth, according to Heyman, had been hidden from the audience, prompting boos and skepticism.

A New Path

Heyman made a bold declaration, promising Jey a match that would set him on the path to becoming the next Tribal Chief. He emphasized that Jey would bring gold back to The Bloodline, but as a singles champion rather than as part of The Usos tag team. This unexpected twist was a consequence of Jimmy's actions and the discord he had caused within the faction.

Jey's Dilemma

While Jey accepted Heyman's offer for a United States Championship match with Austin Theory, he chose not to answer Heyman's question regarding his allegiance to The Bloodline. Instead, he took time to collect his thoughts and addressed the situation later in the show.

Heyman Presses On

In a subsequent encounter with Jey, Heyman persisted in seeking an answer. He commended Jey's skillful evasion, likening it to a cliffhanger. Heyman outlined the future plans, inviting Jey to fly with the Tribal Chief on his private jet to Money in the Bank. The celebration next week on SmackDown would include the presence of the Tribal Chief, acknowledging Jey as the new United States Heavyweight Champion, and solidifying Jey's grooming as the next Tribal Chief.

Jey's Ultimatum

Jey accepts the celebration and title opportunity but gives Heyman an ultimatum: If Jey stays in The Bloodline, Heyman must leave. This twist adds anticipation and raises questions about the faction's future.

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