Oscar Isaac and Prominent Trump Critic Rally Thousands in NYC Actors' Strike
Oscar Isaac and Prominent Tr...
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Oscar Isaac and Prominent Trump Critic Rally Thousands in NYC Actors' Strike

15 September 2023
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Oscar Isaac and Prominent Trump Critic Rally Thousands in NYC Actors' Strike

Letitia James Takes a Stand

In a significant gathering outside the Warner Bros. Discovery office, numerous members from SAG-AFTRA and WGA united to voice their demands for a fair contract. Prominent actors such as Oscar Isaac, F. Murray Abraham, and John Leguizamo were among the attendees, joined by representatives from various unions.

John Leguizamo's Advocacy for Equitable Compensation

John Leguizamo likened this gathering to a "celebration of workers' rights." He emphasized the actors union's proposed revenue-sharing plan, specifically addressing the issue of streaming residuals.

Impact on Daytime Talk Shows

Several daytime talk shows, including The Drew Barrymore Show and The View, resumed production without employing unionized writers. Bill Maher's Real Time also resumed production without writers.

Late-Night Talk Show Hosts' Display of Solidarity

Late-night hosts Colbert, Kimmel, Fallon, Oliver, and Meyers paused their production activities to show support for the striking writers and initiated fundraising efforts for their staff through the Strike Force Five podcast.

Challenges for Workers

Many film and TV workers struggle to meet health insurance requirements, with only 14% of SAG-AFTRA members qualifying. Actress Jaimie Alexander attended the rally to support those unable to earn a living wage.

AI in Negotiations

AI's role in negotiations sparked controversy, with the AMPTP proposing low rates for background actors taking AI scans.

Letitia James Advocates for Human Element

New York Attorney General Letitia James called for the exclusion of AI from the writer's room, aiming to preserve human elements in entertainment.

Notable Attendees

Prominent figures at the rally included Ellen Barkin, Linda Powell, Dean Winters, Samantha Mathis, and Stephen Lang.

Fight for Fair Compensation

The striking actors push for fair compensation, AI protections, revenue sharing, and better healthcare benefits, as streaming disrupts traditional pay scales. Ellen Barkin, receiving meager residuals, stood in solidarity to support the next generation.

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