Chris Christie's 2024 Presidential Bid: Prioritizing 'Big' Over 'Small' with a Critique of Trump
Chris Christie's 2024 Presid...
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Chris Christie's 2024 Presidential Bid: Prioritizing 'Big' Over 'Small' with a Critique of Trump

7 June 2023
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Chris Christie's 2024 Presidential Bid: Prioritizing 'Big' Over 'Small' with a Critique of Trump

Christie Takes On Trump

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has entered the crowded 2024 Republican primary, injecting an anti-Trump voice into the race. Christie announced his campaign at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, emphasizing the need for bold choices to shape America's future.

In his speech, Christie openly criticized Trump, labeling him as "self-serving" and "self-consumed." He argued that challenging Trump was vital for winning the nomination and stressed his determination to secure victory for himself. Christie urged Republicans not to shy away from mentioning Trump's name, drawing a comparison to the reluctance to speak Voldemort's name in the Harry Potter series.

Addressing a question about winning over Trump voters, Christie rejected the notion of "Trump voters," emphasizing that voters cannot be owned and highlighting the importance of offering new choices in the upcoming election.

Additionally, Christie took aim at President Joe Biden, suggesting that the country needed a more engaged leader in the White House. He pointed out areas where he believed Biden had fallen short, presenting himself as an alternative to the current administration.

Christie returned to New Hampshire, targeting it in his 2016 bid. Despite finishing sixth and endorsing Trump, he distanced himself after the Capitol attack. He now joins a competitive Republican field with Trump, HaleyScott, Hutchinson, Ramaswamy, and DeSantis. Trump criticized Christie's campaign launch on Truth Social, while Pence and Burgum's announcements will heighten the primary race.

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