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Bespoke Investment Group


Bespoke Investment Group

Bespoke Investment Group

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The Bespoke Investment Group was formed in May 2007 by co-founders Paul Hickey and Justin Walters. Prior to founding Bespoke, Mr Hickey and Mr Walters worked and studied under the guidance of renowned market strategist Laszlo Birini. From the very beginning, the goal at Bespoke was to provide clients with timely investment ideas that were presented in a form that was easy to read and understand. The original Bespoke content is seen as a refreshing change from the cookie research conducted by most Wall Street firms. This is evidenced by the great adoration of both professional investors and the financial media who use the company's work on a daily basis.

"Bespoke" is the British term for customised clothing. Custom-made clothing "is created without using a pre-existing pattern, distinguishing it from custom-made clothing, which changes the standard pattern according to the customer's requirements". When the company started, it wanted to emphasise the unique relationship that the company builds with its customers.

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