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Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP)
Friends of Mosholu Parkla
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Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP)


Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP)

Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP)



Friends of Mosholu Parkland (FOMP) is a grassroots, all-volunteer nonprofit organization located in The Bronx, New York. The company fiscally sponsored by City Parks Foundation (CPF) and managed through Partnerships for Parks, a joint program of CPF and NYC Parks. FOMP engages community residents, businesses, and elected officials to recognize Mosholu as the people's parkland. FOMP organizes community events, gardening projects, designated pocket gardens, and playground and parkland restoration for a cleaner, greener Mosholu Parkland for now and future generations. 

Mission & Vision

Friends of Mosholu Parkland's mission is to engage the Bedford Park and Norwood communities to garden, grow and develop fostering practices of environmental sustainability.

The company strive to provide leadership that engages the Mosholu community to improve the green spaces along Mosholu Parkway for now and future generations. The Friends of Mosholu Parkland envisions a park, recreation center, and traffic system that:

  • Develops a center of community life, bringing together the neighborhoods of Bedford and Norwood on Mosholu with public gardens and enhanced green spaces.
  • Helps to restore a sense of community, well-being, and public safety.
  • Preserves recreational opportunities, natural areas, and designated public spaces.
  • Preserves a system of walkways, greenways, and trails that links residential homes to the park malls and enclaves.
  • Encourages use by all ages.
  • Supports designated areas with economic development opportunities in both the Norwood and Bedford Park communities.
  • Provides enhanced scenic views for motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and park users.

FOMP collaborates with New York City agencies and other organizations to care for the parkland on Mosholu Parkway.


OMP started in the Bronx by daily park users of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds sitting around the “circle of friends” benches at 204th Street on East Mosholu Parkway South. In the company talked about current events, weather, the good old days, and the demographic and usage changes on Mosholu Parkway that were affecting the physical landscape. A natural, informal union developed and word spread around. A positive reaction came from members of the Community Board, neighborhood associations, and members of a large community garden. With these supporters and the unity of the surrounding communities of Norwood, Mosholu, Bedford, and Jerome; the parklands surrounding the Parkway have improved the quality of life for community residents, those that visit the area now, and who will visit in the future.

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