Decline in Popularity: Ron DeSantis Hits All-Time Low in Recent Poll
Decline in Popularity: Ron D...
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Decline in Popularity: Ron DeSantis Hits All-Time Low in Recent Poll

28 July 2023
2 min.
Decline in Popularity: Ron DeSantis Hits All-Time Low in Recent Poll

DeSantis vs. Trump

Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate, is confronted with a significant challenge as his net approval rating hits a historic low of -24, according to the latest Civiqs opinion survey. The survey, which began polling in May 2022, indicates a notable decline in his popularity among registered American voters.

Civiqs Survey Results

The July 26 Civiqs poll reveals that 57 percent of registered American voters now hold a negative view of DeSantis, while only 33 percent have a positive impression, leaving 10 percent undecided. These findings underscore the growing concerns among voters regarding his candidacy.

Struggles in the Presidential Campaign

As DeSantis competes for the Republican presidential nomination, recent polling suggests he holds the second position among GOP voters, trailing behind former President Donald Trump. However, the campaign has encountered difficulties in gaining momentum against Trump's formidable presence. Negative public perception may have been influenced by recent incidents, such as the dismissal of a staffer for including a Nazi-associated symbol in a promotional video.

Organizational Changes and Campaign Resets

In response to challenges, DeSantis' team decisively fired 38 staffers to streamline operations and cut costs. Campaign manager Generra Peck prioritizes positioning DeSantis for nomination success and defeating Joe Biden in the general election.

DeSantis' Controversial Statement

On a recent interview with Outkick's Clay Travis, DeSantis expressed willingness to consider giving Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a vaccine skeptic running for the Democratic presidential nomination, a position in his administration if he were to win the White House. He praised Kennedy's stance against certain health authorities but acknowledged ideological differences.


As DeSantis faces ongoing challenges in his presidential bid, the future of his campaign remains uncertain. The latest Civiqs survey indicates a sharp decline in his approval ratings, which could impact his ability to gain broader support among voters. With the election approaching, DeSantis and his team must carefully navigate these hurdles to strengthen their position in the primaries and beyond.

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