Faculty on a CV: what is it and what should I write?
Faculty on a CV: what is it ...
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Faculty on a CV: what is it and what should I write?

26 January 2022
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Faculty on a CV: what is it and what should I write?

If you decide to fill in a CV for employment purposes, you will definitely come across the education section. This is a compulsory section, and you should make sure that it is accurate.

The information in this section is taken only from your educational qualifications and should be filled in strictly in accordance with them. Years of study, name of school, department and speciality must be exactly the same as in the diploma. That means that you should fill in the CV accurately and correctly without any exaggerations or changes of information.

What is a department?

A Faculty is the administrative unit of a higher or secondary education institution. A Faculty may include students from two or more disciplines. Individual faculties may include two or three faculties, or sometimes a separate institute may form and be administratively separate within a faculty, e.g. a law school within a university teaches and issues university diplomas, but it is also an administrative unit itself.

A department is part of the structure of a faculty, a separate unit of the faculty. Chairs carry out scientific work and train students within the framework of a chosen specialisation. For example, the Department of Criminology at the Faculty of Law or the Department of Chinese at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

How should I put it on my CV?

Often a person has a question - how to specify the correct department and specialty, if he is applying for a position, for example, as an accountant? Very often, economics graduates have qualifications as auditors, managers, accountants and economists. And all of this is within the same department.

There should be no doubts - the faculty and speciality must be indicated as it is reflected in the diploma.

If a person does not have a university degree, he/she must indicate in the relevant section the information about the completed secondary vocational school - name, years of study, faculty, if there was one, and the specialisation according to the diploma.

In the case of study incomplete, if there is no diploma on the official letterhead with the series and number, it is not necessary to indicate all educational institutions in which the person has ever studied but has not completed their studies. The exception to this is if you are still studying at the time of writing your CV. This indicates the name of the university, the year the person started studying and the field of study the person is studying. You can indicate the course of study. If the person is expelled from the university, you should not write that he or she is studying there, because this information can also easily be verified.

The driver's licence is a document that is only listed in the 'Education' column for those applying for the position of driver of various categories and vehicles. In the case of other posts, this information must be mentioned in the additional information field.

Tips for writing

A CV should be as discreet as possible, but not devoid of personality, so that when you read it you can understand what kind of person its author is. Writing such a document is not an easy task, which is why you can turn to a specialized service with the request "need help with my resume" to create it.

All the wording that is used needs to be clearly thought out. If the candidate lacks any qualities or experience necessary to occupy the desired position, you should not make up anything superfluous.

The more truthful and accurate the information on your CV, the more likely you are to find the right job for you.

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