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Horoscope month For sign Lion

TODAY 25 July 2021. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 8 August.

This month will be quite emotional for Lion. First of all, a slight confusion of your feelings will relate to your personal life, or rather the events that will occur in it. Now is the best time to take control of your emotions. Reason must come first. Do not be lazy to sort out all the factors during conflicts, as this will only play into your hands.

Also, representatives of the sign should not forget that two points of view are important in any dispute. Try to put yourself in the place of another person, it is likely that he is not as bad as you might initially think. So feel free to compromise and don't be so arrogant because it doesn't suit you.

Business Horoscope

Lion this month you shouldn't give in to various adventures. You know perfectly well that free cheese is only in a mousetrap! Otherwise, your wallet does not face financial losses. You can be calm.

In the second half of the month, the position of Uranus and Mercury indicates that in material terms, representatives of the sign will feel somewhat constrained due to the large expenses made earlier. So try to save a small amount of money for later.



Lion is not expected to have the best month, but all due to the impact of the lunar eclipse. This means that some people will feel general physical fatigue, a decrease in immunity, and difficulties in the work of the intestines, so take your health with greater caution. Take the necessary preventive measures, especially if you've had any previous concerns. Consult with your doctor, sign up for a pool or gym for training.


Love horoscope

The coming period, unfortunately, does not promise Lion quiet family happiness, however, such mood swings may be to your taste. The situation in his personal life will resemble zebra stripes - now black, then white. In the second half of the month there will be much more whites, which means there is no reason for worry.

For now, you should refrain from making sudden promises. There is a possibility that what you have planned to do will actually be difficult, and unfulfilled requests will be burdensome.


Moon calendar

On the sixteenth day, the Moon is in the III quarter and wanes. The day is quite moderate, calm and harmonious. Man today is spiritually cleansed. Various physical activities are recommended to normalize health. Keep calm, balance and inner comfort. Try not to show anger, aggression and envy, do not go to extremes.

The day is suitable for the conclusion of marriage unions, which are based on respect and equality. Be sexually restrained today. Dirt on clothes on the 16th lunar day is a sign of spiritual impurity. The energy center is the spleen. Symbols of the day: Ladder to Heaven, Butterfly, Dove. Stones: pearls, emerald, charoite, tourmaline.

Moon calendar

Day 16

Today 25 July.
Age of the moon 16.3 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 379953.87 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151940343 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 13:50:46, 8 Aug 2021.


Rating Lion

Chairman of Federal Reserve Board
1 Place
44th President of the United States
2 Place
President & CEO at Beyond Meat
3 Place
Chief Executive Officer of JBS S.A.
4 Place
Founder of NIO
5 Place
Сhief executive officer of Microsoft
6 Place
Co-founder of Stripe
7 Place
12th Director of the National Economic Council
9 Place
Director at the NASA
10 Place
President and CEO of Alliance For Automotive Innovation
11 Place
Chief financial officer at Microsoft
12 Place
Press Secretary of NYC
13 Place
U.S. Representative for Michigan's 13th congressional district since 2019
14 Place
Executive Vice President of the European Commission
15 Place
Writer, philanthropist
16 Place
Chief Executive Officer of AT&T
17 Place
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AT&T
18 Place
Director of Pickle Finance Group
19 Place
Professor of paediatric infection and immunity at the University of Oxford
20 Place
Founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
21 Place
Co-founder and President of Efforce
22 Place
A Democratic Party politician
23 Place
Founder of Google
24 Place
CEO of Las Vegas Sands
25 Place
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
26 Place
Politician, diplomat, and businessman who served as the 30th United States Ambassador to Japan
27 Place
28 Place
Deputy Leader of the New York City Council
29 Place
42nd President of the United States
30 Place
Alena Potapova

Development Director